A Rose on the Rug

 Author: Ibrahim Hassan Beigy

Illustrator: Mitra Abdollahi

Publisher: Kanoon

Subject: Story

Year of Publishing: 2009/4th Edition

No of Pages: 32

Age Groups: 7+

Size: 22×22

ISBN: 9644327152


◙ English text is available.

◙ Copyright was sold in Pakistan, Turkamanestain ,

China (Cotton Tree Publication) Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia.

◙ Selected as one of the year best book by Munich Library in Germany, 2000.

◙ Reprinted in Iran in different times. 


About the book:

   “A Rose on the Rug “is a story about a Turkmen girl and the process of weaving a rug which she is weaving with all her sentiment and effort. Safora, the Turkmen lass, from the moment the pot’s flowers dried up, felt that her father suffered from depression and thus, to make her father happy, she decides to weave a rug decorated with rosebud design in spite of the opposition of her mother. The only problem is that there is no rose branch to use it as a model. Finally, the father brings a rose branch for Safora and the lass starts to weave the rug. Ultimately, Safora, with much toil during the nights and days, weaves a rug with flower design and gives it as a gift to his father to use as the prayer rug.


The book is a short social story and another story of buds of wish and hope, suffering and grief, love and waiting and thousands of untold words that go along with blood drops from the hearts of anonymous carpet weavers of this land in the course of history that have flourished in various and amazing carpet designs. The subject of story is trying to achieve the serious goals of life.  It is a social issue and manifests itself in the story outline. In the framework and outline of the story, we are faced with a girl who overcomes many obstacles to achieve her objectives. She makes her best efforts and creates success and triumph out of the warp and woof. The first character of the story is Safora. There are three other characters in the story that accompany her throughout the story’s ups and downs. The role of the mother is against Safora. She blocks her way and plays the adversary. The other character is the father who supports the efforts of the girl and acknowledges her work. The last character is her brother who barley affects the story and maybe he could be removed and the father could play his role.The center of gravity of this story is the dialogues. The dialogues push the story forward. Page processing and descriptions are pale and perhaps the semantic capacity of the story cannot accommodate it. A social story that is rooted in effort and work, one must endeavor to achieve what one desires, one must gamble her life. The victory does not come by easily. But it is beautiful like a sunrise, it goes to the heart as the Morning Prayer, and like the sound of a rooster at dawn, forwards the call of awakening and triumph to your ear.


About the Author:


Ibrahim Hassan Beigy (1957/Iran-Gorgan) 

He is one of the well-known and experienced writers in Iran who has written for children and young adults more than 30 years. He authored more than 50 books and at least 10 of them translated and published in other countries. His travels to all around Iran gave him the opportunity to collect drafts for his later stories. Hassan Beygi’s books are characterized by a simple narrative with theme of social affairs. He has published 90 novels, adult short story collections and children and young adult books, which some of them are popular and high seller among teenagers and young adults. His books have been translated into other languages and published in different countries.


1-Honored Diploma for the book” Eternal Roots”, 13th Festival of Children Books, Iran, 2009.

2-The book titled as “The Root in Depth” selected as one of the best fiction issued in Iranian revolution and sacred war.

  1. The booked titled as “The Rosebud on the Rug” selected as one of the best book in the year 2000.

4-The winner of Iran Book of the Year’s Global Prize, for the Book”Mohammad”,Iran,2013.

5-The Winner of Qhanipoor Literary Festival for the book “Amir Hossein and the enchanted Lamp”, Iran, 2014.

6-The winner of Jalal AlAhmad Literary Festival for the Book ” The Saint”, Iran, 2014.

Books published in other countries:

*The book “Muhammad” published in Turkey, Mana Publication, 2010.

*The book “Muhammad’ published in England, candle &Fog Publications, 2013.

*The book “Muhammad” published in Lebanon, Dar alhadi Publications, 2013.

*The book” The Purple Years “published in Georgia, Azad University Publications, 2015.

*The book” The Rosebud on the Rug “published in Hong Kong, Cotton Tree Publications, 2009.

*The book “Dear Uncle Abbas” published in Turkmenistan,

Some Works:

1-Ghonche bar Ghali (The Rosebud on the Rug), Kanoon Publications, 2000.

2-Amo jan Abbas (Dear Uncle Abbas),Madresse Publications,1995.

3-Be Mah Negah Kon(Stare on the Moon),Madresse Publications.

4-Mahi Talaee Va Mahi Noghreee(Golden Fish & Silver Fish),Lohe Basar Publications.

5-Boose bar Khorshid(Kiss the Sun),Sooreye Mehr Publications,1996.

6-Fateme va Naghghashihayash(Fateme and her Paintings)(4 Vols.), Mehrabe Ghalam Publications.

7-Dastane Peyqhambaran (The Stories of Prophets), Amir Kabir Publications.

8-Majarahaeye Mahi Talaee(The Stories of Golden Fish),Saz o Kar Publications.

9-Pish az Namaz( Before Prayer), Novel, Sooreye Mehr Publications,1997.

10-Neshaneha (Signs), Short Stories, Beh Nashr Publications,2005.

11-Mirza, Short Stories, Madresse Publications.

12-Rishe dar Amagh (Root in Depth), Novel,  Molke azam Publications,1994.

13-Salhaye Banafsh(The Purpel Years),Roman,Elm Publications,1997.

14-Neshanehaye Sobh (The Signs of Daybreak), Roman,Sooreye Mehr Publications,1997.

15-Ashkane, Roman, Ghadyani Publhcations, 2004.

16-Muhammad, Roman,Madresse Publications,2006.

17-Gheddis (Saint),Roman,Neyestan Publications,2014.

18-Alijanab Shardar(The Honorable Mayor),Roman, Neyestan Publications,2015.

19-Payan (the Roman, Unpublished…

20-Tardid, Roman, Unpublished…


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