The Deceased of the Green Garden

Author: MohammadReza Bayrami

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Publications

Year of Publishing: 2014/

No. of Page: 398

Age Group: Adults

Size: 21×14

ISBN: 978-964-506-939-9


◙ English text is available.

◙ The Copyright is available in all languages except Russian.

◙ Copyright was sold in Russia (Androshkin)

◙ The book was chosen as one of the top ten titles in Moscow Book Fair 2014.

◙ Honored in Iranian Literary Festivals.

 This book was banned 5 years by The Ministry of Islamic Culture & Guidance for similarities pointing to aftermath of 2009 elections.


About the book:

Ballash tries to save the life of Miane bank manager who is an innocent person, but when he arrives, the man has been lynched and hanged from a traffic light pole in the middle of a crossroad and any action seems futile. Then he takes refuge to his friend’s place in Ardebil. Plain Clothes men are chasing the defeated and there is chaos everywhere. Some people are being cruelly executed in military barracks. The organizer of the cult is cut in half in Sarab and each half is hanging from a gate. Ballash reaches the outskirts of the destination city with difficulty. He gets killed there while a -2years-old child accompanies him. The beasts tear up his carcass. During all the coming years, Bolot – the child that Ballash has left behind- hears a voice that repeats: “ I’m burnt, God, I’m burnt” and gradually without chronological order, the destiny of 3 generations takes shape in political upheavals andthe way they become victimized.


 This novel is the story of a man killed and dismembered in civil war whose ghost meets his son 15 years after the incident. The story takes shape through this confrontation. The father – Ballash- was an ordinary street vendor with poetic skills. When he takes his poems to Dozgon, the editor of Azerbaijan Newspaper, Dozgon gets impressed by Ballash’s voice and invites him to the newspaper and radio and thus, Ballash becomes a journalist. He witnesses defeat of democrat forces by government and chasing and slaughtering of the cult members afterwards. The dependent chiefs pass the Jolfa Bridge and run away into the USSR. Ballash reaches the border with difficulty but then he realizes the treachery of chiefs, so prefers death to leaving the country, especially since he witnessed the innocence of a person.


About the Author:

MohammadReza Bayrami (Iran-1957)

MohammadReza Bayrami is one of the most successful Iranian authors of memoirs, fiction and war novels for young adults and adults.  He has written more or less 40 novels, story collections and novelettes for children, teenagers and adults. He has always been a mainstream Iranian figure and has won tens of national awards – including IRI Year Book- and two international awards, namely Most Valuable Bear and Blue Glass wearied snake from Switzerland. He has been a nominee for Swedish Astrid Lindgren Award for two rounds. The Children & Teenagers Authors’ Association in Iran has selected him as one of five top authors of the country. Some of his books have been translated into German, English and Arabic and published in some countries. Feelings, images and imagination in the works of Bayrami enjoy special tenderness and honest that can be visualized in the mind of the reader. His works involve beautiful fantasies that often consisting the union of art and great image. If this images and rich imagination are formed in the significant structure, then they take special beauty.His works have received several prestigious literary awards to date.

Some of his Works:

1- ‘The Last 7 Days’ (literary reminiscence),Soore-ye Mehr Publications,1390.

2- ‘The Hanging Bridge’ (novel),Ofoq Publications,2002.

3- ‘Eagles of the 60’s hill’ (novel), Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 2009.

4- ‘Mountain called me’ (novel), Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 1392.

5- ‘On the edge’, (novel), Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 2009.

6- ‘In the Summer-quarters’ (trilogy of Sabalan stories)

7- ‘Smoke behind the Hill’,Ghadyani publications,1396.  

8- ‘Shadow of a Cricket’, Soore-ye Mehr Publications, 1398.

9- ‘The Myth of Dragon and Water’ (novel), Ghadyani publications, 1393.

10- ‘Naneh Mahtab’s Kind bird’ (novel), Souroosh Publications, 1988.


-‘The Mountain Called Me’ has bagged several literary awards such as ‘Golden Bear’ Award, ‘Blue Cobra’ Award and ‘Switzerland Book of the Year’ Award.

-‘Hello Stone’ has received an Honorary Diploma from the Best Book Design awards in Germany, an international award competition.

-His 7 books have been honored in Iranian literary festivals such as Ghani poor,Anjoman-e Ghalam,Kanoom.Ketab-e sal….. during recent years.




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