Orange Books(10 Vols.)


 Author: Fariba Kalhor and Suroor Kotobi

Illustrator: Team of illustrators

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing: 2014

No. of Pages: 192(each Vol)

Age Group: 8+

Size: 30 × 22

ISBN: 9786002510273


◙ English text is available.


About the book:

Orange books are 52 volumes and in fact they count as the number of the weeks per year. Each book reflects 1 week and includes 7 stories for 7 days of the week. The words are simple enough to be understood for the target age group. While each story talks about reality in its essence and has instructive aims, the story contains numerous imaginary elements. The author has been skilled in story0telling such that instead of short length of the stories, one can easily relate with the elements and characters .Each story takes shape in a anew ambience that is not recurring for the child. The reader can easily follow the story. Overcoming fear, hygiene, generosity, avoiding crying, donation, beauty and happy living, etc. are useful instructive elements for this age-group and the child gets to know them indirectly. Learning is always an important element in child training and the language of learning is even more important. In these stories that are both entertaining and motivate child’s imagination, the educational element is indoctrinated completely through occult methodology to the child. The vastness of spaces and scenes in every tale is a positive aspect and the authors who had to collect many stories had been successful in depicting them. Any reader around the world can easily connect with the simple wording.


About the Author:

Fariba Kalhor

Fariba Kalhor, the novelist and the author of the children and young adults’ literature has published more than 40 story books. She was the editor of the monthly journal of Soroush-i Koudakan for 15 years. Her book The Ruler’s Whistle was selected as the book of the year. She started writing for the adults seriously, in 2001.Kalhor has reworked numerous stories and myths such as The Myth of Gilgamesh and Inana. Some of her works include: Mr. Watermelon; The End of a Man; The Beginning of a Woman; My Beloved Husband; The Intelligentsia of Orak Planet; One-minute Stories; The Girl in Mirror-like Clothing; Today My Swallow; and The Myth of Garshasb.





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