Ancient Tales: Narration from Rumi’s Stories(4.Vols)

 Author: Nahid Abqhari

Publisher: Bang-e Ney

Year of publishing: 2015/first edition

Subject: Fiction

No. of Pages: 250

Size: 17× 25

ISBN: 978-60094610732


◙ English text is available.


About the book:

The book of Mathnavi is among the unparalleled works in the literature of Iran and the world that is written by Rumi in the 7th century of lunar calendar. In this teaching book, the writer for self-disclosure, cosmology and recognition of reality used the form of narrations, story and anecdotes. These stories sometimes talk about the state of prophets and God selected people and sometimes about the love-sickness of the Right and Reality Path lovers. They talk about the unruliness of the previous people like the Pharaoh and Aad tribe besides the story of creation. The talented and studious of this valuable series by rewriting of Mathnavi stories within a simple and fluent texts away from using scientific terms in a format in which structure is taken into account provided a sweet narration of Mathnavi stories for addressees especially the youth in Iran and the world. In this series, attentions are paid more to the format of narration and story-telling while considering the stories moral and mystical results. Nahid Abqhari, Iranian famous researcher about Rumi, attempted that by compiling of this series to reach the message of Rumi to the ears of the world adolescents. This ever-lasting message is: ‘in humankind a reality is a hidden that reaching to it cannot be done except through sincere love and affection.

The present series consists of 4 volumes that in each of them some Mathnavi stories are rewritten and told in a simple and eloquent. The first volume has 12 stories, the second one 16, the third and fourth volume each consists of 17 and 14 stories respectably. Having beautiful and meaningful pictures in layers of the stories while improving the quality level and making stories beautiful and readable, helps addresses understand stories in a simpler way.Due to rich contents and fluency of the text literature that is easy to read, this series are welcomed by the book-reader adolescents seriously in Iran. As the stories do not take place in a specific place and time, their addresses are not defined for a specific time and geographical place. Doubtlessly, all the adolescents in all countries are deserved to read these enjoyable stories with their own simple languages.


About the Author:


Nahid Abqhari (1967-Iran)

 Nahid Abqhari is a famous Iranian Rumi researcher who has conducted extensive research in human sciences. Due to deep devotion to Jalal ad-din Rumi the writer has spent most her time to introduce the great mystical scholar and his outstanding works to the Iranians and to the world at large. By carefully studying Rumi’s works and the books written about Rumi, the author has produced a series of valuable books about the great mystic scholar. Her book entitled ‘Description of Mathnavi’ containing 6 thousand lines is a comprehensive commentary on Rumi. In another book entitled ‘A Spiritual Study of Stories of Mathnavi’ Abqhari has collected a lovely summary of almost all the stories, parables, anecdotes and allegories in the Mathnavi. Beside ‘Stories of Rumi’s Mathnavi’ which has been described above, the author has written two other books entitled ‘Articles about Mathnavi’ and ‘The Story of the Reed’. Nahid Abqhari is living in Mashhad and is compiling other books of commentary about Rumi.

 Some Books:

-Ancient Tales (4 Vols.)

-Spiritual travel with Mathnavi stories’

-Commentary on Mathnavi.(6 Vols.)

-The Stories in Rumi

-Untold Stories about Constitutional monarchy


Sample Pages:

The King a Slave Maiden

Once upon a time, there was a kind king that ruled over a big, extended country. His beautiful palace was made of white marble and around his palace was stretched and green plains and beautiful jungles. He had a happy life there. He sometimes went hunting as one of his hobbies. One day, as one of his court men suggested, he decided to go hunting. The hunting place was not far from his palace but they had to take what they need with themselves. People that had become aware of his travel to the hunting place as it had been announced by the beadles, was standing in lines next to the road he was riding on toward the hunting place to see him and his companions. Suddenly, he saw a nice face of a maiden among the people and fell in her love so deeply. He stopped and ordered one of his companions to buy that slave maiden, belonging to a rich man, by all possible means and to take her to the court.

The king that was hunting himself was entrapped by the beautiful eyes of the maiden and he was captured in her love. When she was taken to the court, everybody wondered about her beauty and well-built body. The king could not contain his happiness but his prosperity and happiness did not take long and the maiden that the king was dependent to her became patient very suddenly.

The court physician could not cure her regardless all his strives so the king, who became very depressed, decided to summon all the best physicians of all over the country and told them: “This maiden is the hope of my life. I will grant all my treasure to whoever that can cure the maiden, who is paling day by day.”

As the physicians, who were all very resourceful and experienced,  trusted their knowledge and experience, the assured the king that they could cure the maiden soon but they forgot that in curing the diseases, this is God’s will and intention that play the most significant role besides the physicians’ knowledge and their medicines. If God did not intend for a patient cure, no medicine can be a help for him. So, while the physicians did their best not only did she become better but also she became worse day by day. Awhile passed and the maiden got thin and pale and the king that would not live her even for a moment did not know what he had to do. He just kept weeping and bewailing.

After tolerating many difficulties, finally the king found out that her cure is out of the hands of the physicians and he had to turn to God and to request Him for a remedy. So, he started to pray sincerely and from the bottom of his heart and to talk with God for hours until while bewailing and weeping, the king fell asleep.

In his dreams, the king met a shining old that told him that the next day a divine physician would come to him and in his method of curing the king could see the God’s power.

The next morning, when the king was standing on the palace balcony, he noticed a nice, shining old coming toward the palace from a long distance like a delicate dream.

The king went to welcome him and took the godly physician to the maiden’s bedroom. While he was checking the maiden’s pulse, the physician asked her to tell him about his past. When the maiden was talking about her time in the city of Samarghand during her talks about her past, her pulse beat faster and her states changed. So, the godly physician noticed that the reason of her disease is not physical and her heart was in someone’s love and this made her patient and fainting. Godly physician talked with her for a while and found out the secret of her heart. Then he told the king that the maiden loved a goldsmith, who lived in the city of Samarghand, and asked him to send someone to bring the goldsmith to marry the maiden and then she would be cured.

The king that had seen a divine light in the face of that stranger guest accepted his order. The king’s messenger brought the goldsmith with the promise of a position in the palace and money. Then the king ordered him to get married to the maiden.

Six months passed and they were happily lived with each other. The king was also happy because of the presence of that stranger guest. The king became so dependent to that old shining man whose words were all of knowledge and cognition and he loved the old physician to that degree that he forgot his love to the maiden. Incidentally, the goldsmith got sick and was losing his beauty and attraction gradually and he got pale.

The maiden that loved just his beauty, something that was vanishing, soon forgot her love to the young of Samarghand.

Yes, that is always like this. A love that is for superficial beauty has no result better than that as no face a will be beautiful forever and no beauty will be stable. The goldsmith of Samarghand that was a greedy man and just for the hope of money and a position in the palace left his wife and children did not survive that disease and he died after a while and with his death the maiden survived an unreal love but the king was not interested to her anymore and all his thoughts were focused on the shining learned to be able to become familiar with more cognition.

The Parrot and the Grocer’s Businessman

Many years ago, in a small town lived a grocer’s businessman. The town had some bazaars and shopping centers. The business man had his store in the biggest bazaar of the town and in his store he sold many different things like grains and different oils. The businessman had placed the jars containing oil and nectarines of the flowers on the tallest shelves that the customers could see them well.

The business man was very active and he was interested in plants and flowers some much so he put some vases in his shop corners and watered them every day. However the main thing of his shop that he was interested in was a green talking parrot that imitated both the birds’ sounds and humans’ words. So it was the reason for customers’ attraction and consequently the flourishing of grocer’s shop business.

The customers enjoyed the pleasant points and subtleties the parrot was saying. The beautiful parrot was also a guard for the shop and whenever the businessman would leave the shop for doing something, it was taking care of the shop. Once early in the morning when the bazaar was not crowded and the businessman did not come to the shop yet a big black cat, which was passing by the shop, made the parrot frightened by its look. The parrot that was afraid of the cat’s fearful eyes very much, to escape from its scaring look rapidly flew to another corner of the shop and hit flower nectarines jars unintentionally and broke them.

The businessman entered his shop happily as usual and greeted the parrot but after a while when he sat on his place he noticed that his cloths got greasy and the oils and nectarines were spilled on the shop floor. He became so furious so he hit a blow to the head of the poor parrot that he lost his head features. The parrot got broken-hearted so it slicked the businessman and in a corner of the shop kept sitting silently for several days after that accident.

The businessman, who loves the parrot so much, became very upset. He gave money to many of his customers to see if they could make the parrot talk and sing again. But no one could succeed.

Finally, one day that the businessman was sitting on a shop platform outside the shop, he saw a bald man passing. The parrot that was looking at the people’s travelling through the bazaar saw him too and out of a sudden shouted: “Oh! Bald man how did you become bald? Did you break the Jars too?”

The businessman and the passers-by burst into laughter because of such analogy the parrot drawn. The businessman thought with himself that superficial similarities can’t be a reason for the real similarities between things.

The Jewish King

In very old times, there lived a very cruel and malicious king. This king hated the Christians too much as he was Jewish. He hated them to that limit that had ordered the Christianity followers be killed wherever they are seen.

Awhile passed and every day in a part of his land some innocents were being killed. The mourning of shelter less people was useless and they had nowhere to complain and the king was so happy as he thought that he was supporting the Judaism.

Anyway, one day as he was sitting on his throne and was planning for eradicating of the Christians, his malicious and spiteful minister when saw him sad went toward him with a deceitful smile and said: “O! King, I know the solution of what you are thinking of. With wrath and force, people’s ideas can’t be changed and converted. You have to do those with deceit.” As the king did not know what he meant, he kept silent for the minister to express his recommendation.

The malicious minister that noticed his words affected the king’s heart said: “the best way to annihilate the Christians is to deceive them in a way that they come to us themselves and make their believe apparent to us. To do so, you have to announce that I, your minister, believe in Christianity then you have to order my ears and noise to be cut and I to be exiled to a remote town as a punishment for my believe.” As the king wished to annihilate the Christians, he accepted whatever his malicious minister had said so after getting his noise and ears to be cut, he ordered to exile him to a remote town.

The town to that the minister was exiled was the town many Christians lived there that while believing in their faith from the bottom of their hearts but dissimulated as the king ruling over that was Jewish that hated the Christians so they pretended to Judaism to protect themselves from the king and his authorities. The malicious minister went and resided there with his injured face and a very sad, depressed appearance.  Since the Christians had heard that he had been faced the king’s wrath and punished because of his interest in Christianity, they welcomed him lovingly and they accepted to do everything for his satisfaction. The malevolent minister started telling those simple-minded people that it was for years he converted to Christianity and he strived to become aware of the subtleties and nuances of that religion. At last, when the king became aware of his attempts, he tortured him in that way.

The minister lived in that way for a long time there and the Christian became interested in him so deeply and to a surprising degree. They believed him unbelievably. At those days, the Christians were divided into twelve groups and each of them had a head and all of them were under the influence of that malevolent minister and they were following his words as they had considered him the Jesus’ representative. So they fulfilled his orders by their souls and hearts as if he had been their main teacher and had been their friend and benevolence.

On the other side, the king was waiting anxiously to see the consequences of the ministers’ actions and what he would do while the minister was corresponding the king through reliable messengers and let him know what was going on there. Anyhow, years passed in the very way and the Christians became more interested in him day by day. At last, one day the king was informed that the minister was intended to put the Christians in a fully-fledged calamity and annihilate them all. The king got as happy by hearing of that news as he was longing for that day for many years.

Let us see what the malicious minister did to the Christians. His plan for their annihilation was to make them fight with each other in a way. As a result, he wrote a scroll for each of the twelve religious leaders of the Christians and in each scroll he wrote specific instructions and teachings that were all in contrast with each other as his very purpose was just creating clashes and wars among them. for example, he wrote in one of the scrolls: “To be good men and to protect your souls from the evils you need to tolerate hardships.” And in another scroll gave to another leader he had written exactly the opposite and had said that it had not been necessary to tolerate hardships for protecting the souls from the evils. Somewhere he had told that they had to serve people sincerely and expect no payment for that and in another scroll he had stated that serving people would not cause the purification of human’s soul as human attempted to serve just to bring himself in the center of attention unintentionally and this would lead to vanity and egoism so we had to serve other just for a payment.

Accordingly, the malevolent minister decreed twelve different things in his twelve scrolls he had written for the twelve leaders. He pretended that each scroll included the true rules of the religion of Jesus Christ and these rules had to be observed accordingly.

All in all, the minister acted in a way that each leader believed that leader, he, was the true successor of the malicious minister and other leaders had to follow him. Then he planed another conspiracy and quitted advising and preaching and isolated himself somewhere. While the leaders expressed their sorrowfulness of being away from him, the minister kept himself in isolation, inconsiderate to their impatiently weeping and mourning. He pretended he was praying while in fact he did not.

In his isolation, the devil minister was saying himself: “You simple-minded people accepted my words that were all a trap for your annihilation. Now I had deceived the twelve leaders you love so much that each one thinks after my death he is my true successor. So, to start a clash among them and a real fight among you, I will commit a suicide. After pondering over these issues, finally the malevolent minister committed the suicide after forty days. The Christian got crazy when they heard his death and they loved him to that degree as if at his funeral they were crying blood.

After a long time of mourning, the Jesus followers one day decided unanimously to choose the minister’s successor.













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