Lantern Trilogy: Morality

Author: Seraj Rameshkhah

Publisher: under publishing

Subject: Non-Fiction

Language: Persian

No. of Pages: 100

Size: 21* 14 


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About the Book:

It was once that I had nothing, no money, no wealth, no job, no income, no home, no car, nothing even no respect before others. Those days maybe my only assets were some love and smile. But many times, I gave those small assets of mine for God’s sake and never waited that God gave me more things so later I gave some portions of them to others. Whatever I had, regardless to its amount, I gave for God’s sake. Since I understood that there were people that need giving of this small amount of love or smile and just giving a little of love and smile could make them happy and return hope to them.

And now I suggest you always give a part of your properties for helping others for God’s love and in his way, whatever they have and regardless to their amounts. Remember that a human’s asset is not just money. Money is only a minor part of them. From your love gave something to others. From your smile, your sympathy, your forgiveness, your prayers, your Faith and your empathy and etc. give to others and give them with respect to love. Besides attempting for your happiness, attempt for others’ happiness too as your happiness is dependent on others’.

The book ‘The Morality’ is the result of thoughts and reflections of the young and ethical Iranian writer, Seraj Rameshkhah, that in the path of his own spiritual and moral progression and loftiness toward human perfection after presence and walking in the beach of ‘success’ paved great steps in the realm of moralities honorably. From his view that regards worshiping not but serving people, everybody considers enjoyment and happiness in love to God and His people and giving in the paths of these two. And he believes that reaching perfection and prosperity in both visible and invisible worlds is through ethicality. This book and its moral teachings doubtlessly in this challenging world that is the realm of fighting of poisoned thoughts of machine, modernist and postmodern age are a relaxing ointment on the spiritual pains of the disillusioned youth that are bewildered among the waves of today world of deceitfulness, power and money. The book topics in 100 pages are categorized subject-based under the titles such as: forgiveness, loving, humanity, prayer, following God, love to the Soul of the existence, happiness, loving humans, tranquility and …. This book enjoys a fluent and eloquent literature. The young writer by utilizing ethical and philosophical books enriched his books subjects and the readers will enjoy such spiritual and knowledge enrichments after reading the book.


About the Author:


Seraj rameshkhah (1990-Iran)

Seraj Rameshkhah is a young and ethical Iranian writer who pens his thoughts and beliefs to help eagerly young people to challenge with social abnormal and reach perfection in humanity and morality .Seraj, himself, in the path of his own spiritual and moral progression and loftiness toward human perfection after presence and walking in the beach of ‘success’ paved great steps in the realm of moralities honorably. From his view that regards worshiping not but serving people, everybody considers enjoyment and happiness in love to God and His people and giving in the paths of he believes that reaching perfection and prosperity in both visible and invisible worlds is through achieving success, morality and love.

He found humankind prosperity and happiness in releasing from their selves and joining whom and serving His people. He says that he came to this conclusion that in this path nothing more than pondering, meditation, self-disclosure, self-improvement and God recognition lead to human elevation and the more humans elevated, to the more facts and existing world mysteries they will find out. Identity and inner meditation succeeded to achieve strong believes about the existing world, its Creator and also our own.

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Sample Pages:

…….My heart was full of hatred and suffered a lot.

I suffered from everything and everyone,

Even from those I didn’t know,

Or they haven’t harmed me.

I hated every one…

I asked God

To pull hatred out of my heart,

And fill it with love.

I told God (Him):

“Everyone wants something from you,

So do me.

I want you to bestow me love.

A love of everything and everyone,

Even those who don’t like me,

Or those who hate me.”

I told Him:

“I want to love you, and

The universe you’ve created.

I want to fall in love with everyone and everything and stay in love.

 Every day I fall more in love.”

I asked Him nothing but love.

When I told Him all my wishes,

I remained silent.

He told me:

“My dear,

You asked me the best,

And I will grant you my best, which is “Love.”

I asked Him: “How?”

He answered:

“Leave your hatred and love yourself, and then you will fall in love with Me, the universe, and all the people.

And you will be a lover.”

I asked Him the way to get rid of my hatred.

He told me that the only way is forgiveness.

Forgiving everyone and everything, and

Wish them the best.

He told me that I have no choice but to forgive.

It means forgiving whoever you haven’t yet forgiven.

You won’t reach peace and serenity

Till you haven’t forgiven those who you hated…

And you won’t experience love without achieving tranquility.

Since, love is the companion of those having calm heart…

After that …

Every night, I imagined all those I hated or annoyed me,

And asked God’s forgiveness for what they have done.

After a while,…

I felt my hatred has vanished and

My heart is filled with tranquility

And there is no hatred in my heart…

I’ve abandoned my hatred and reached tranquility.

Then God granted me love and

I was fond of myself!

He told me:

“If you don’t love yourself,

You can’t love me,

And if you don’t love me, you can’t love others and the universe.

You will love me, as much as you love yourself,

And you will love the universe as much as you love me… ”

Now my heart is full of love.

I’m in love with myself, God, human beings, and the universe.

Everywhere I go, I share my love with everyone I see in the world,

Because these days, love is my only asset.

 Abandon your hatred!

Then you will get haw your heart is filled with love.


Everyone can give what s/he has, so does God.

Love is bestowed upon me by God.

I have nothing but love to share with the universe.

So I love everyone,

All the plants and trees,

Mountains and even the sands in the desert,

And pebbles in the street,

Because my only possession is love,

And every one can share his own possession with others.

Love is my chief possession.

How much love do you give to



Human beings,

The animals, and trees,

And the universe???

Believe me!

God has granted you love to share with the universe.

The more you love the universe, the more love will be bestowed you,

Since donating is one of the most important rules in the universe.

If you give the universe your possessions,

It will give you everything.


I thought telling lies is the key of all the sins,

But now I understand that poverty is the source of all the evils.

I wish we could root out the seeds of poverty and

Plant the seeds of love instead.

So the love tree, of which wealth is one of the thousands of its fruit, would grow in the world.


I come to realize that humanity means loving not only those we love,

 But also all the human beings, who we don’t love or hate us.

Humanity means being fond of every one.

It also means loving everything,

The plants, the animals,

The mountains, seas, stones,

The pebble shores and

The sands of deserts.

Humanity means loving the universe.

Since we are all God’s creatures

And we have been created with love.

Love is our common essence.

Love everyone and everything every moment.


These days, I’m literally cheerful and feel prosperous,

Because not only I’m eager for my happiness, but also I do my best to make others happy.

When I see others’ smile of happiness, I also smile at my own happiness.

I’ve chosen this life style, so I based my life on this way;

Despite thinking about my own happiness, I try to make others happy, too.

Now, my life is all in all full of miracles.

From the very moment I’ve done my best for the happiness of others,

The universe grants me the serenity of mind and happiness.

As if God has commissioned all His creatures to bestow me happiness.

My happiness is tied into others’ happiness.

Whenever I solve the poor and pain-stricken problems, I reach into happiness.

I recommend tying your happiness in uniting others difficulties, then miracles will change your life.

The number of people who not only love you but also hate you is very important because the cause of their love or hatred may be important to you…

But there is something more important than those people who love or hate you:

The number of people, who you love whether or not you know them,

And how much you have rooted out hatred from your heart and planted love instead.

The reason of your love is the most important issue…

Believe me!

The splendor and magnificence of each person depend on the love they shared with others’ and the universe.

If you want to measure your magnificence, you should behold your heart to measure the amount of love in it.

The more you send hatred out of your heart and love more people, the more you love the universe and the more greatness you would achieve.

Every day, I tell myself:

“The amount of my honor and respect for those I love is more important than their respect for me.”

The love that I devote to the people and the universe is more important than the love they devoted to me.



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