The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sheep and the Lame Goat( 3 Vols. )

 Written by: Mostafa Rahmandoost

Illustrated by: Pooneh Mirlou

Published by: Havva publications

Ages: 6 and up

ISBN: 978-600-5131-72-7 


◙ English text is available.


About the book:

Mr. and Mrs. Sheep and the lame goat arrived at a spring to drink water. Mr. and Mrs. Sheep however broke into an argument which left them both thirsty while the lame goat drank its fill and played in the field.

The adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sheep and the lame goat’ are taken from the folk culture of Iran. The series consists of three boxes with each box containing two stories. Each story at times cites several well-known Persian expressions and aphorisms. The books are placed inside a box that also holds game cards and puzzles that children find both pleasant and attractive. The stories are connected so that together the six stories demonstrate the lives of the three characters (Mr. and Mrs. Sheep and the lame goat). These animal characters live together with the lame goat that is both kind and intelligent as well as the hero of the books since despite having the physical handicap of being lame; he always makes the proper use of his mind.


About the Author:

Mustafa Rahmandoost

Mustafa Rahmandoost (1950, Iran) Rahmandoost is one of the great authors in Iran who writes stories and poems for children more than forty years. He has been jury member in various accredited national festivals. At present he is the chief editor of Amir Kabir publication, the greatest publication in Iran.

 Awards Won:

 ►Selected winner of the Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Twice),

 ► Selected in various accredited national festivals,

 ► Selected winner of peace Award from the UNESCO National Commission

Some Works:

  • The sparrow’s cloths for …
  • The mouse that lost its tail
  • The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs.





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