The Barn


Author: Behrooz Arzhangpoor

Publisher: Keykavoos

Year of publishing: 2016

Subject: Fiction (novel)

No. of Pages:146

Size: 14×21

ISBN: 978600784041


◙ English text is available.

◙ Copy right is available in all languages.


About the book:

The residents of Agha Mirza’s are a large population of Sheep, servants, maidservants, and people working for him besides Rad gholi, robust dog of Agha Mirza and his wife lady Ziba. All of these people are quite submissive to Agha Mirza’s orders and nobody has the right of protesting or even expressing his idea. Agha Mirza feed them so they serve him and are gratitude to him.Lady Ziba gives a birth to a Mirza Agha’s son that they call him Khan baba and the same time one of the sheep gives birth to a female lamb that is called Jan baba. Later, out of Agha Mirza’s sight, they become each other’s friends. They gradually express their protests and objections to Agha Mirza’s actions little by little as a result of open-mindedness caused by teachings and guidance of a female teacher that Agha Mirza brought her from a city to his village for his son’s education. Then, Khan baba and Jan baba escape from the village and go to a city and 13 years later they return to the village and begin to make the sheep aware about the exploitation that Agha Mirza inflicts upon them.


This story attempts to depict a stage of social and political life of third world people’s life in the symbolized form of a village with stable, sheep and a group of people that are at the service of a usurer person’s exploiting purposes like Agha Mirza. This story is simple and popular and its narration form is very similar to Aziz Nasin’s. The writer has a record of about 40 works of this genre and this record enables him to write so eloquently that makes his reader to follow him to the end of his stories. The message of the story has addresses beyond borders as in all humanistic societies a kind of exportation and colonizing of people during the past and recent histories are seen.           


About the Author:

Dr. Behrooz Arzhangpoor (1966/Iran-Naghadeh) 

Dr.Behrooz Arzhangpoor is an Iranian active physician, author, poet and research in the field of literature, linguistics, poetry and social issues He penned articles and books, in fiction in particular, more than twenty years and has given lectures in prominent literary and scientific meetings and conferences in Iran and abroad. Arzhangpoor is one of the few Iranian authors has penned on syllable poetic style and known as the founder of a new poetic style of syllabic-stop-stress. His book named” syllabic-stop-stress Meter “was the first book that is written in Iran and the world. Arzhangpoor married and is the father of two children and now lives in Iran. Meanwhile, treating medically in Tehran hospitals, he writes and research constantly in Literature and Poem as well. At present, Dr. Arzhangpoor has engaged in composing a long Epopee named as title “Love- letters of Sacred Defense”. In this valuable book, the writer narrates Iranian peoples’ resistance and courageous against rapists in contemporary time .The first Volume of the series has been published recently.

Some of his published books:

1- “Syllabic-stop-stress Meter” Keykavoos Publications, Tehran, 2015.

2-” Love- letters of Sacred Defense”, Raz Institute, Tehran, 2014.

3-“Promise of Miracles”, Keykavoos Publications, Tehran, 2014.

4-“Thirteen (13-volume set)”,Raz Institute ,Tehran, 2015.

5-” Persian Break time”, Raz Institute,Tehran, 2015.

6-“White Marriage”, Keykavoos Publications,Tehran, 2014.

7- “The Legand of Mayour”, Keykavoos Publications, Tehran, 2013.

8-“Barn”, Keykavoos Publications,Tehran, 2013.

  1. “Children’s Village”, of Raz Institute ,Tehran, 2015.

10.” Azerbaijan”,  of Raz Institute,Tehran, 2015.

11.” The Culture of Driving 13-volume set”, Raz Institute, Tehran, 2016

12.”Culture of Civilizenship , Raz Institute, Tehran 2016.

 Sample Pages:

Agha Mirza’s Village

Agha Mirza’s village was located in the farthest place of the world, behind Ghaf Mountains. It took half a day to reach the closest city with droshky but if Agha Mirza rode this distance on his white horse, it would take him just an hour. It was for years that except Agha Mirza himself there were no other travel between the city and that village.

Agha Mirza traveled to the city several times annually with his horse or the droshky that besides bringing  necessary tools for gardening that were not available in the village, he would bring some very young maids and servants to his own mansion. There was no return for everyone that Agha Mirza would bring to his mansion. Agha Mirza’s village was the last point for these servants’ and maids’ destiny as whoever that he brought with himself to the village was considered as his own possession and the will of his life or even death eas in the hand of just one person: Agha Mirza.

All around the village there was put barbed wire and every day Rad Gholi the black dog of Sgha Mirza patrolled around the village two or three times while looking around with his sharp eyes and just God could save a person that got close the barbed wires as it killed him easily with no fear of anybody.

Every day, Agha Mirza’s servants and maids and sheep were being counted. Agha Mirza tied around the feet of his maids and sheep special bells that we they were walking the made the sounds like jjjrrrring!   jjjrrrrring!  The bells of maids were different from sheep’s.

Agha Mirza and Rad Gholi were just two people there that had no bells. And Oh! Actually there were three as Lady Ziba also had no bell too. I always forget her.

Rad Gholi was a wicked dog but he was very loyal to Agha Mirza. He was big and robust and nobody ever heard his voice or his barking. He just looked.

Agha Mirza was the man all roads of the village would lead to him. He was a middle aged, very reticent and intelligent man with a very penetrating look that made it almost impossible to look at his eyes.


Every month with his big droshky, he was going somewhere secret that nobody knew where it was. Just the servants and maids guessed that he was going to the city.

Once in every several months, a very big coach would come that was carrying gardens fruits of Agha Mirza’s for him.

He had many gardens full of fruit trees of any kind one can imagine like: peach, nectarine, apple, orange and lemon, etc. He loved fruits and planting trees and without a particular excuse he loved to plant in plains to change them to gardens and fruit gardens of course!

Agha Mirza possessed a very stretched and vast plain that he always had wished to change the whole area of that plain to fruit gardens. However, he liked to possess a jungle that he was the only tyrant there.


In the village, the sheep were experiencing a peaceful life in houses plastered with cob that were called stable. For them, safety, peace and food were the most important things and Agh Mirza just provide food for them at subsistence level and for the excuses of several occasions like his birthday anniversary or Lady Ziba’s or the anniversary of founding the village, he added just a little to that meal of sheep.

All in all everybody was satisfied in Agha Mirza’s village and they were praying for his health day and night. Even some sheep regarded their breathing as a blessing from Agha Mirza. The atmosphere was in a way that until Agha Mirza was there, there was a reverence in the village.


Lady Ziba, the angel that I always forget her when thinking of those days of the village, was in fact the formal wife of Agha Mirza while formal, legal marriage was a meaningless custom in the village for Agha Mirza. Anyhow, Agha Mirza himself also regarded Lady Ziba as his formal wife though he spent just the Friday nights with her.

Lady Ziba never left the second floor of Agha Mirza’s mansion. She was very kind and when I remember his kindnesses, I am about to cry. May God bless her. Now that I am writing these memories, I notice that she never yelled at anybody or she never was bad-tempered with anyone while Agha Mirza adored her. She was always smiling. She was kind with everybody and she was an angel but I never find out why she never left the second floor of the mansion and was always in her room. She sometimes just came to the balcony of the second floor and stared the plain and the sun and after an hour then she returned her room.

It was a story that when she and Agha Mirza (and of course with his loyal dog, Rad Gholi) had come to this place, there was nothing but a barren plain and they founded this village with empty hands; however, nobody knows Agha Mirza’s and Lady Ziba’s past definitely except Rad Gholi that was just looking even if it could talk.


Agha Mirza’s Kebab (a good, luxurious though simple Iranian food)

Good old days! It was the night of thirteenth of Bahman (a month of solar calendar equivalent to Feburary). There was a strange commotion in the village. Lady Ziba’s screams and cries were heard even in farthest stable of the village.

The midwife that Agha Mirza brought from the city was doing her utmost for Lady Ziba and her baby. Agha Mirza was walking in the balcony of the second floor and the mansion was shining with a lot of candles and lamps there. Agha Mirza’a maids and servants were running upside and down groundlessly. At the back of the mansion fences the sheep, except some of them that were always sleeping at that time, were looking up at Agha Mirza and were waiting to see if Lady Ziba finally after three days of screams and cries would deliver or they had to hear her cries again next night and in the morning they had to go to the fields with swelling eyes because of lack of sleep and took a nap there.

Agha Mirza’s repetitive walk across the balcony hypnotized the sheep staring him. Suddenly, the laughter of a newly born baby awakened all of them from that magnetic sleep and made them all wonderful. It was amazing as the laughter was not form Agha Mirza’s Mansion side and it was form the back side of all sheep, from the side of a small stable at the back of the mansion.

At the same time that some one and two of the sheep went to see what had happened and whose laughter was that, the voice of a cry was heard from the mansion side. All the sheep together turned their faces back to the mansion second floor balcony and with their worried looks; they tried to see what was happening.

After a few minutes the midwife came out of the Lady Ziba’s room and gave Agha Mirza a bundle covered in a lot of bed sheet that a baby in it was still crying and took her reward and returned to the room.

First Agha Mirza put the sheets a side and looked inside the bundle and then, out of his happiness, in the second floor balcony, he started to dance while he kept the bundle over his head and was guffawing.

All maids and servants also started to dance and began to cry happily.

While the poor baby was afraid of the noises and he was crying loudly, Agha Mirza was still guffawing and the maids and servants kept dancing and the sheep were baaing.


The village was celebrating as after three days of Lady Ziba’s screams, Agha Mirza’s baby was delivered safe and sound. The Sheep were very happy as they were sure that Agha Mirza for the birth of his baby would gave the whole village pastries and cookies or even a dinner. Everybody knew that Agha Mirza was very generous.

Among all these noises, those sheep that had gone to see to whom the first laughter belonged, returned and said that a female sheep also gave a birth to a female baby sheep in the small stable at the back of the mansion.

The male sheep looked each other and while baaing said: “God damn her female baby and herself with this female baby.”

The female sheep, who were baaing loudly because of the happiness of Agha Mirza’s baby’s birth, frowned upon the male sheep and because of the happiness of the female sheep delivery of that small stable began to turn around themselves.

A few minutes later the parents of the female newly born baby sheep joined those sheep. They were very happy as their child was born at the same time of Agha Mirza’s baby’s time. They were looking for an opportunity to tell that news to Agha Mirza themselves and to get a reward for that good news.


After half an hour that everybody danced and rejoiced a lot, Agha Mirza became aware that one of her female sheep gave a birth to a baby. Well, no one understood that who gave that news to Agha Mirza but he got that any way.

Agha Mirza ordered his servants to take special food to the small stable at the back of his mansion and he also ordered to the parents of the female baby sheep to take her the next morning before him that Agha Mirza could see her.


At the same night, he also gave the permission that three female sheep to enter the paradise and to stay there until the next morning.  Later, he ordered to free all the sheep that were in the hell.  But Rad Gholi came and said that there had not been a person in the hell.

At the same night, Agha Mirza called his son’s name ‘Khanbab’ and for the sake of his single child that was a male gave a dinner of kebab to the whole village. The servants and the maids and even the sheep that were expecting such generosity from Agha Mirza while dancing began their happy cries and started to baa loudly for Agha Mirza.

Agha Mirza’s kebab was so delicious that everybody ate that and prayed for him himself and his new-born baby ‘Khanbab’ and Lady Ziba.

The only person that did not eat of Agha Mirza’s kebab that night was Lady Ziba. I was paying attention to her. She was very bad. Agha Mirza was so engaged with her baby that forgot her quite like me… like everybody!


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