The Lost Tales(12 Vols )

 Author: Masood Malekyari

Illustrated by: different illustrators

Publisher: Vida publications

Subject: Fiction (Tales)

Date of Publishing: 2015

Ages 14 and up

No. of Pages: 120(each Vol)

Size: 24×30/hardcover

ISBN: 1413121110 


◙ English text is available.


About the book:

Once upon a time, when there was no one but The Lord, Amoo Norooz with fawn-colored beard, a felt hat, and a shawl tied on his waist, came down from the mountain, walking with stick, and moved towards the garden. Upon Amoo Norooz’s arrival, the trees and flowers awakened, trees blossomed and bushes bloomed. Every corner was full of cherry, apricot, peach and sour cherry blossoms, with anemone, lotus, narcissus, rose and evergreen flowers. The owner of the garden was a white-haired granny who was eager to see Amoo Norooz. She loved Amoo Norooz and thus used to work hard on the last day of winter so she could serve her guests when the new year stroke. This year, granny woke up early as before, cleaned up the room, terrace and garden; and swept them with broom. She brought her prettiest carpet and spread it on the terrace.

These series of books involve 12 versions and each one contains 30 short stories for children and young adults. The stories enjoy moral themes and interesting adventures. Readers have got entered through the books simply with their exciting beginnings and there exist good relation between stories and reader. The author could properly create elegant atmosphere and relation between characters, animals in particular, through the stories and this make them attractive more.


About the Author:

Masoud Malekyari

Masoud Malekyari is an Iranian novelist, critic, translator and short-story writer. Some of his work for children are: Amir Arsalan-e Namdar, The important things like music, Beerun and fishes, and etc. He has won many awards for his works, including: The best short story writer in children’s press (2001) and chosen of children’s book council of Iran (2015).





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