Adventures of Constable Abdi’s Son

Adventures of Constable Abdi’s Son(2 Vols)


Author: Mohsen Khoraman

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2016/4th Edition

No. of Pages:366

Age Group:14+

Size:”17 × 22

ISBN: 964-417-391-0

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Constable Abdi and his spouse Fatima and their son Abdollah join forces to open the knots in police files. Abdollah suggests a hypothesis that helps his father solve the mystery of a lost ring that belonged to the jeweler. In fact the female customer stuck the ring with a piece of chewing gum until later she finds the opportunity to pick it up. Abdollah and his mother solved the mystery of stolen money from a man who returned from bank and his car’s tire gets a puncture. Abdollah realized that the people who helped the man to repair the puncture were partners and created an opportunity until the chief thief took the money out of the car.

The book includes 15 police stories for teenagers. A family who are interested in police adventures, lovingly and together cooperate to open the knots put before the father of the family. Father is always successful through consulting his family members. The stories are interesting and sweet. Each one narrates police adventures that is attractive and exciting for the reader and is full of unpredictable events. The stories are divided into 3 parts. Giving a new case to Abdi, describing the case for the family, and hypotheses and ideas of Abdollah and his mother that conclude the case. The climax for a teenager audience is when creative and insightful ideas of Abdollah about peripheral events lead to correct strategy of which his father was ignorant. The nice point in the book is accepting the ideas of a teenager by a father who trusts him. The police adventures and curious and scandalous trends are sweet and interesting for teenagers. In addition to entertainment, the book is a source of enhancing thinking skills and hypothesis build  up for approaching problems. The sentences are simple and comprehensive yet induce a sense of  mystery that adds to the beauty of the tales. The author has been successful in transferring the whodunit atmosphere full of secrets and pitfalls.  Excitement, fear, anxiety and a sense of victory are perfectly transferred to reader and motivate  the youngster’s potentials

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