From Saturday to Thursday little Stories

: From Saturday to Thursday little Stories (12 vols )

Author: Fariiborz Lorestani

Illustrator: Team of illustrators

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2007

No. of Pages:12(each Vol)

Age Group:8+

Size:”22× 22

ISBN: 9789645365828

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

The little girl was not on speaking terms with her mom but her mother sent kisses for her from a far and smiled. The little girl also did that coyly but did not know whether her mother had seen her or not! In the morning, when her mom was cleaning the mirror, the image of the little girl and her mother was reflected in the mirror. They kissed each other in the mirror and smiled. The little girl jumped to her mother’s lap, embraced her and happily laughed.

 The collection Saturday To Thursday covers 12 volumes and each book contains 6 stories for 6 days. The name of one story is selected for the title. Each story is almost like a scene in the book and it is particularly nice instead of small volume. The themes are everyday events that we ignore them. Simple and sweet events that make up the sour & sweet life of every child. These daily memories can be forever preserved by recording. In each story a child is talking about an adventure that is really interesting for the reader. Perhaps the Iranian child views with its special tone offer a fresh outlook to children all over the world. The first word in each story is detached as index and can be an interesting symbol between the start and the content of the story. The timeline in each story is distinct and the child can easily feel inside the story. Childish imagination, interpretations and conclusions about daily life have been skillfully translated into stories. The stories are so simple that all readers with any tradition, customs and religions and geographic location, can fell the sweetness and get amused. The characters are family members like mother , father, aunt, uncle, grandfather. The author’s method of story-telling from the viewpoint of a child is a successful factor in this collection. In fact the author has translated his environment into a childish language and viewpoint. Illustrations really reflect the author’s sensations and the illustrator has connected to the stories very well. In each book, the illustrations have a different style to make it more attractive for the readers.

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