Ghost’ Washing Machine

Ghost’ Washing Machine

Author: Shahram Shafi’i

Illustrator: Saleh Tasbihi

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2014/3rd Edition

No. of Pages:40

Age Group:14+

Size:”14× 22

ISBN: 9789644178665

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Golden-heel is living in an eight story building. She is playing and suddenly she hears a horrible noise. That was the tape player that belonged to a boy living in 4th floor which shook the whole building and destroyed its peace. The Golden-heel went into their home and connected the washing machine to the tape player to put an end to the noise. When the boy turned the player on, the washing machine started working noisily. The boy was home alone and panicked. He thought the ghosts are washing their clothes. He called his mom and asked her to come back soon and then fainted. Golden-heel slept calmly in the floor above and there was no sound coming from the 4th floor.

The book is unique because of the creativity and imagination used by the author. Each story, from  start to end is made up of childish imagination and thinking. The allegories and metaphors are delicately presented from a child’s tongue. Illustrations are Black & With but still fresh and effective. The cover image transfers a certain type of thinking about the story to the reader which along with the name of the book, increase the excitement. Just after several I Ines, the reader will realize the difference between this book and what has been read before. The book is a sweet and lovely work for the children all over the world. Adventure-reeking reaches its peak in the book and pulls the reader with it.

 About the Author:Sharam Shafi’i(1971/Tehran) is writer, editor, humorist and journalist. He is known for his humor above all. Some of his works are: The Moon down the well(1997),Moonlight got married last night(2000)Creamy love(2004),Shre the joke with us(2016) and Don’t lend the socks stink pent logy. Shafi’i has been awarded The Golden Moon award, Iran’s book of the year and some others literary prizes so far.

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