Gilly Gilly Books Series

Gilly Gilly Books Series (7 volumes)

                  (  Gilly Gilly and the Bird )

Author: Susan Taghdis

Illustrator: Meysam Moosavi

Publisher: Madrese Pubs.

Years of Publishing:2017/2nd edition

No. of Pages:20

Age Group:3+


ISBN: 9789640810859

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Gilly Gilly is a plump and chubby elephant. One day, it met a small bird on a hill. It talked well of Gilly Gilly’s big limbs, long trunk, and flat ears. The bird accepted his words and then flew away with its small wings. Gilly Gilly said itself: “If such a small bird can fly, why can’t I with such big body?” It jumped up but it fell down and injured its trunk and ears.

 This illustrated book is one volume of Gilly Gilly books collection enjoying the short text, attractive stories, and beautiful illustrations. The author aims to teach moral and behavioral concepts to children. 

 About the Author:

Susan Taghdis(1959/Shiraz) has been a founder of the Iranian Association of Writers for Children and young adults. She is mostly known as the writer for preschoolers and children. Her stories develop with extreme brevity and sentences are short and simple. She wrote many books and some of them are translated into other languages. Some of them are: A gift for you(1993),Whose nose made that noise(2013),A long way(2010),My beautiful horse(2007),……

Best Book Award from Parvin Literary Prize, Best Book Award from Ghanipour Festival and Islamic Republic of Iran’s Book of the Year Award are some of her awards.

Meysam Moosavi (Tehran/1984): Moosavi graduated in business management. He illustrated ten books for adults and children and held many exhibitions in Iran and other foreign countries. He also cooperates with different journals and newspapers.

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