Golstan’s illustrated Stories

Golstan’s illustrated Stories(6 vols )

Author: Mojghan Sheikhi

Illustrator: AliReza Goldooziyan

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2010

No. of Pages:12(each Vol)

Age Group:8+

Size:”22 × 22

ISBN: 97896453638911

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

A king had 3 sons and one of them was very short. The short boy learnt all fighting and swordsmanship skills and martial arts to attract the attention of father but other brothers were jealous of him. One day the numbering country attacked with overwhelming numbers and no one dared to confront them until the short boy attacked the enemy bravely .When the army saw his bravery they also joined in and defeated the enemy. But the other brothers were afraid to fight. After that, the brothers decided to kill the short one out of envy and poisoned his food, but he found out and did not eat. The prime vizier suggested to the king that the best way to avoid struggle among brothers is delegation of governorship of faraway lands. The king accepted and sent his 2 sons away and everything calmed down.

Sa’di is one of the greatest Iranian poets. The book Golestan was written after Boostan. The book has 8 chapters and they contain courtesy, ethics, religious knowledge, etc. presented by a delightful and gorgeous language formatted as instructive and sweet stories. One distinction of Sa’di ‘s writing is knowledge of God, invitation to be a God’s follower and being subordinate to Him. Sa’di is a famous name in Iran and many other countries who value ancient literature and civilizations. Getting familiar with Golestan tales shows us a world in which ethics is priority, a world devoid of any wickedness. The global readers can realize new structures that help them grow and develop by coming into contact with this Iranian story-telling style. The subjects are presented as nice stories, with special and sweet Iranian terminology and literature to the world’s book readers. Each story has its own style. Adhering to ethical principles at any cost is the common theme of many stories in the book.

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