Sandy Fox( Short Stories)

Sandy Fox( Short Stories)   

Author: Muhammad Keshavarz

Publisher: Cheshme

Years of Publishing:2016/second Edition

No. of Pages:112


ISBN: 978-964-448-296-0

Awarded in Jalal Al-Ahmad Literary Prize(2016),

 Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

:‘ Sandy Fox’ is a story collection compromising of 9 stories with the names of: ‘A Different Day’, ‘Birdman’, ‘Blue Vase, White Clove’, ‘Whistle the Music of Pink Panther’, ‘the Playing Ground’, ‘ Eight O’ Clock, Argentina Square’, ‘Walking on the Water’, ‘Light up the Cave’ and ‘Sandy Fox’. The author of this collection deals with people that are refugee to a thing or memory to escape from their daily repetition or solitude. These people do not have any direct and independent relations with each other and the memories or things are the relating cohesion of them. In the first story of this collection we witness the encountering of human and nature where urban life is an impediment between them. There, the author depicts an urbanized human’s image of nature and nature-loving and his inabilities in facing the realities very well. Things and animals also act as a link between human and his not-having in most of the stories in this collection. In the stories of ‘Birdman’ and ‘Sandy Fox’ animals and in the stories of ‘‘the Playing Ground’ and ‘Blue Vase, White Clove’ things play determining roles in humans relations with their past. One of the most prominent elements of this story collection is suspension. Suspension faces the reader with this question that ‘what will happen?’; however, here the author makes the reader form this question in their minds that ‘how this incident happened?’. The author also enjoys the element of surprise whenever he feels the readers are close to anticipate the events and keeps his awareness ahead of his readers. In this way, the centrality balance of stories, either they are reader -centered or author-centered will be kept. In the stories of the ‘Sandy Fox’ collection, there is always an element that by penetrating to the domain of daily life makes its accustomed and fixed order, disordered. This element sometimes has a funny and naughty aspect and sometimes is of a horror nature and in cases it has both of them simultaneously in a manner that horror is made from fun and fun from horror.

 About the Author: Keshvarz (1958/Iran) in his stories almost uses a different theme from what has been used repeatedly. Another feature of his stories is a well-detailed prose enjoying nuances and subtleties that while they are not apparent, they add the enrichment of the story. Keshavarz nowadays is preparing a story collection with the title of ‘Second by Second’. The books of ‘Witnesses’, ‘Tin Nightingale’ and ‘Sandy Fox’ are among his famous novels. Among Keshavarz literary honors winning of Gardun Prize in 1995, winning of Isfahan literary Prize in 2005 and winning of Pars cultural Prize and the Prize of press writers and critics can be referred.

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