The Age of Forty( Novel)

The Age of Forty( Novel)

Author: Nahid Tabatabai

Publisher: Nashr Cheshme publications

Number of pages: 90

Size: 21×24

Publishing year: 2011 /10th edition

ISBN: 978-964-5571-66-3



Film right was sold in Iran

► Translation rights was sold in Italy (Ponte33)

► English and Italian text are available

Translation and film rights are available for all countries

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Alaleh, the main character, works for a major opera house and is in charge of coordinating various performances. She was once a music major in university and played the cello superbly. News that Hormoz is to conduct a classical performance in the opera house evokes the memories of her youthful romance. “Am I still young?” and “Or am I already over the hill?” are the questions she can’t get off her mind. Most women who approach middle age have to grapple with such feminine questions. Alaleh is not certain how to prioritize married life and family, profession, love of music and interest in cello, previous romance, and social conditions. She is uncertain how to keep herself young or if doing so is possible at all. She doesn’t know how to bring things under control and remain in charge. “She looked in the mirror again and saw herself in her own eyes. She put on a smile, but suddenly spotted something on the move in the background of the image. She took the bow off the strings and turned around. …….

The story has an omniscient narrator. In other words, the reader knows all there is to know about the characters. The book, which has a literary air to it, gets off to a difficult start but as the story develops further an interesting feminine atmosphere prevails and takes the reader into the depths of the riveting world of a female artist. A world in which many women suppress their desires and leave their talents uncultivated just to focus on their lives and become excellent mothers and wives.

The book’s descriptions and portrayals are all artistic and special in a feminine fashion. The readers do not find any redundant words or sentences in the book. They should pay close attention as they read their way into the depths of the narrative and spot the story’s delicate points. Quick scanning of the book might see some of the subtle points slip through the cracks. Nahid Tabatabai’s style of writing takes the readers to the emotion-filled layers of the book’s content and brings into sharper focus the author’s ability and the attractiveness of the story. If the author had been too liberal in using as many words as she wanted, the book could easily have been twice as big. In other words, in this book quantity does not come at the expense of quality and attractiveness.

* * *

The book depicts youthful dreams, pointless romance, midlife crisis and the special circumstances of Iranian social context, and the fact that logical attention of the couples based on love may resolve the intensive disorientation of a woman and impart constructiveness.

The book was adopted in a movie with the same title which was very popular in Iran.

About the Author:Nahid Tabatabai (1958. Tehran)

Tabatabai is a graduate of dramatic literature & play writing field. She is a prominent novelist in Iranian contemporary literature and great publishers have published 10 novels by her ever since. She has been popular in Iran and some other countries such that her works has reached a second edition. Nahid Tabatabai works have been noticed by overseas (especially European) publishers for their extra-regional social themes and some of her novels were published out of Iran. Her novels basically discuss social trends and depict Iranian women’s problems in today’s Iranian society. Nahid is a skilled translator and has translated many English and French books and novels into Persian. She is the manager of Did Publications at the time being.

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