Like Nobody Else

Like Nobody Else

Author: Sepideh Khalili

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2016/First edition/Paperback

Subject: Novel

No. pages:  128

Age group: 14+


ISBN: 9786002518781

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Dad jumped out of the lab and shouted that the lab result is positive and they are going to have a son… We went to the toy shop where dad bought a toy for me and the little boy. Dad was a teacher. So was a mom who taught in  an elementary school. Mom’s belly was growing bigger day-by-day. That night we went to a wedding party where my mom’s foot slipped causing her to fall down to the ground. We quickly got her to a/the hospital. It unborn infant she was carrying in her womb was hurt and it was decided that she had to undergo a surgery immediately. The doctors removed the defective child out of mom’s womb/belly.

The novel “Like No One” responds to some of the children’s questions in simple and indirect language. The subject of the novel is a family of three: father, mother and their ten-year-old daughter, named Niloufar. The family is waiting for the birth of their second child . However,  after the birth of Navid, realize that he is not like anybody else.  Then there are adventures for this family that is appealing and readable. This book/story is the story of differences. The novel’s author, who is a child psychologist, has been able to give a simple, yet indirect, answer to one of the children’s basic questions: Where do small children come from? The book also describes various stages such as performing an ultrasound test, detecting child sex, how to deliver, defective baby birth, and many other issues for children in a simplified language the children can understand.

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