Emâm Khomeyni Mosque


Author: Maryam Kohansal Nodehi & Kaveh Fouladinasab

Chief Editor: Eskandar Mokhtari

Translator: Nassim Ghiassi

Publisher: Cultural Research Bureau

Subject: Iranian Studies (Tehran city)

Date of Publication: 2017 (1st edition)

No. of Pages: 35

Size: 19 × 12 cm

ISBN: 9789643792336


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◙ Copyright is available in all languages in all countries.

◙ This book is covered by the Grant Program of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

About the Book:

Among the five prominent mosques built in the reign of Fath’ali shah Qâjâr, Emâm Khomeyni Mosque is a perfect example of the elegance of Persian architecture at its climax. It is considered one of the five royal mosques created by great masters of architecture during the relatively long duration of Fath’ali Shah’s rule. Emâm Khomeyni Mosque has witnessed several major events in different eras of the contemporary Iranian history, including the constitutionalists’ rally in 1905, and the assassination of the Iranian prime minister in 1951.

The book in hand is the 15th volume of a twenty-title series published as an output of Tehran Studies Project at Cultural Research Bureau. These books were designed to provide both authentic and interesting reading material on the historical, architectural and cultural aspects of Tehran’s prominent monuments and urban spaces. The series was recently translated into English for English-speakers willing to expand their knowledge about the history of the present Iranian capital.


Table of Contents:


A brief overview of the edifice


Historical features

  • Construction
  • Subsequent modifications
  • Major historical events


  • General description
  • Materials
  • Ornamentations and inscriptions

Final note


Pronunciation Guide


About the Author:

Maryam Kohansal Nodehi (1980) and Kaveh Fouladinasab (1980) are both PhD candidates in Urban and Regional Planning and senior researchers at the Technical University of Berlin. They have worked as researchers at the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran and as lecturers at the Faculty of Art and Architecture, Azad University of Tehran. Nodehi and Fouladinasab both hold an MSc in Architecture from Azad University and have previously worked as architects and assistant planners for seven years. Kaveh Fouladinasab is also the director of Khânesh Private School of Story Knowledge and Writing.

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