Traditional Fundamentals of the Religious Science




Title: Traditional Fundamentals of the Religious Science

Author: Mohsen Abbasnejad

Subject: Non-Fiction (Science and Religion)

Publisher: Quranic Research Foundation Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2014

No. of Pages: ?/Paperback

Size: 16.5× 22.5



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About the Book:

The authenticity of the tradition has always been a matter of great controversies among Muslim scholars. In this book, the author, with regard to the Holy Quran, proposes a theory called “Framework and Level Theory” which divides the tradition into three types: consisting, opposing and neutral.

In another chapter of the book, the authentic of the Ahl al-Bayt Tradition. Taking the Sunnis recourses into consideration, the book proves that the belief in the authenticity of the Shiite Tradition originated in the Prophet Muhammad’s tradition. However it faces such challenges as inconsistency with the principle that Prophet Muhammad is the last divine prophet, the fact that the infallible Imams have not been mentioned by name in the holy Quran, and some inconsistencies within Imamate Doctrine, some of which are answered in this book. In chapter 3 the important issues of the validation of the tradition is disused according to the most important figures and books. Then the hadith-related drawbacks is studied and the author offers “Framework and Level Theory” according to which the authentic hadith are regarded as a valid source for inferring and enforcing Islamic laws proven by Sharia sources, authentic tradition and the reason. In this theory the assessment of the level of authenticity of the Hadiths play a key role. This book is highly recommended for those who resort to the Hadiths in religious theory building.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Authoritativeness of Tradition (Sunna)

Part II: Authoritativeness of the Tradition of the People of the House (Ahl al-Bayt)

Part III: Assessment of the Authenticity of Tradition

Part IV: Approaches in the Hadith Application

Assessments of the Authority of the Text

About the Author:

Mohsen Abbasnejad


Mohsen Abbasnejad was took his BS in Mechanical Engineering but continued his studies in Philosophy. Having studied Islamic Jurisprudence and Usool in seminary under the great contemporary jurist and philosophy under a distinguished philosopher of the eastern world, he passed the highest levels of the seminary with flying colors.

Having authored number of works in such field as philosophy, philosophy of science and Hadith, and Jurisprudence, Abbasnejad is now serving on Quran and epistemology, and the director of the Quranic Research Foundation.

In addition to penning a six-volume collection on the basics of inter-relating science and the religion, some of his other books are as follow:

-Principles and basics of the Quran and Modern Science,

-Imam Ali (A.S.) Managerial Approach,

-Imam Ali (A.S.) Personal Lifestyle,

-Basic Rights within religious Approach,

-Some Elaborations on the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (3 Vols.)

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