The Chief’s Whistle

Author: Fariba Kalhor

Illustrator: Mahin Javaherian 

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of Publication: 1999

No. of Pages: 24

Age Group: 8+

Size: 19× 19


About the Book:

Sara and her grandfather go to the park. She swings for a while and then encourages her grandfather to sit on the swing. But the park guard does not let him.

Excerpt: Sara pulled her grandfather’s hand, urging him to move faster towards the playground. When the got there, she ran and hopped on the swing. ”Swing me, Grandpa! Harder! Harder!” she said.

About the author

Fariba Kalhor is a famous writer of children’s literature. She has started writing for Iranian literary journals since 1982. Known as the lady of a thousand tales, she has won many awards for her writings.

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