The Encyclopedia of Iran’s History

Author: Masoud Javadian

Illustrator: Laleh Ziaee

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of Publication:

No. of Pages: 132

Age Group: 12+

Size: 23.5×20.5


About the Book:

This book reviews Iran’s history from long ago until today. It consists of four parts: 1. Ancient Iran or Persia 2. Islamic era to emergence of Safavids 3. Safavid Dnasty 3. Contemporary Iran.


Many Europeans who visited Iran in Safavid era wrote their memoirs when they returned. Now historians need those memoirs. Why?

About the author

MAsoud Javadian, a history graduate, has written many articles, essays, and books on history for children. He has also been the supervisor of history textbooks in Iran for years.

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