The Longest Ruler of the World



Title: The Longest Ruler of the World

Author: Farhad Hassanzadeh

Subject: Fiction (Short Story)

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2018/Second Edition

No. of Pages: 75/Paperback

Age Group: 14+

Size: 12.5 × 19

ISBN: 978 900322557

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About the Book:

The longest ruler in the world is a collection of stories about the 45-day resistance during the war. The stories of this collection which have been published are as follows:

The longest ruler in the world

-Dish of Lamboo (cooked red beets)

-Charlie Game

-The girl of cakes made of chickpeas 


-Room Number Five at Mokhtar’s Hostel

-Just As a Dry Tree behind the Traffic Light

Stories of this book include social contexts and concepts during the different periods of recent years. Reading each story, the reader sees himself as a part of the picture as if he has entered the frame of the picture of the story. The descriptions of the stories are as follows:

  1.  “The Longest Ruler in the World” is the story of a little girl who is crossing a very long enormous bridge searching the grandeur of his lost father.
  2. “Dish of Lamboo” is a story of the journey and loneliness of teenagers who have been sent away by their family and isolated from the society due to their differences with them.
  3. Charlie Bazi (Playing a game of Charlie) is a narration of working children and their love for cinema. In their imagination they think Charlie Chaplin will ease their minds thus will find security and serenity by watching Charlie Chaplin while imagining him.
  4. “The girl of chickpeas cake “talks about a friendship and an attachment between the new generation with elderly people (senior citizens) who suffer from Alzheimer disease, who have forgotten everything and are taken care of, away from their families.
  5. “Oxygen” talks about elements such as nature, loneliness, fair, fight, resistance perseverance during the war and the resistance of the people of Abadan city.
  6. “Room Number Five in Mokhtar loading House” is a picture of differences between those who are having a business-like attitude for the historic monuments (traditional ancient monuments and artifacts) and those who are in love with the history and former ancient civilization, and their land.
  7. “As a Dry Tree before a Traffic Light” is a really delicate/tender romantic story. It is a Love Story about the relationships between people and when they face did you call the Hard Days and also it is another story about the working children.

We read in one of the stories.

The mouth of the fourth fish was still stuck in the fisher’s fishing hook. It is dying in my hand. “He is very strong God damn it.” I said to him., “What’s the matter with you? Do you think you are a big shark or a big whale? I took its mouth/lips off the hook. Then I threw it down on the floor of the boat which was still humid and wet. The fish was still jumping and humping up and down and pounding herself to the floor of the boat/canteen and rubbed himself there. He doesn’t want to give up. He’s very clever and diligence. I start rewinding/spinning the string while getting the fishing hook up. I gazed at the fish and told him: “What are you going to do? When you stop jumping up and down, then you’ll finally die like the other three. Therefore you should go to sleep and relax. I’m not in the mood to tolerate you.”

About the Author:

Farhad Hassanzadeh


Farhad Hassanzadeh, an Iranian well-known author and humorist started his professional career in the field of children and young adults book in 1989. He is the founder of the Iranian Association of writers for children and young adults. Hassanzadeh has pursued writing humor for children earnestly. He deals with concepts that are important for teenagers with focusing to portray their concerns. Due to what he experienced in his own life he tries to show the problems of war, such as migration, for children in his works. Farhad has penned more than one hundred books and most of them released by Iranian great publishers. Some of his books has been translated into other languages and published in various countries.

Among his books are following as:

  • The statues’ Finger(1997)
  • Bath Symphony(1995)
  • The Raisin smiles of the Happy Family(2003)
  • The Seventh Bench by the Lake(2006)
  • The Scorpions of the Ship Bambak(2009)
  • This Weblog is Relinquished(2013)
  • Carrot Milkshake(2015)

Hassanzadeh has been nominated for the International Astrid Lingren Award (2017) and Hans Christian Andersen Award (2018). He has awarded many literary prizes in Iran and abroad as well such as:

-Best Book Award from the Cultural Society of Children’s Publishers

-Silver Flying Turtle Award

-Children’s’ Special Book Award

-Best Book Award from Shahid Ghanipour Book Festival

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