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 Hamid hesam is MA in the Persian Literature of Tehran University. He spent his youth on the war front lines, and this made the Holy Defense his main approach in writing and creating his works. His works have two special features: firstly, he is familiar with the do’s of writing and has required taste. Figures of speech and description in his works are in a way that illustrates. On the other hand, he writes about the subject and setting that has understood and perceived. Hesam was introduced as the year figure of the Islamic Revolution Art for writing the book “When the Moonlight Was Lost”, in the Islamic Revolution Art Week. Hamid Hesam is currently living with his family in Hamedan.He has been the author of more than 14 books in the field of the Holy Defense like verbal memories, short stories, and stories.

Title : Secret of the Red Gemstone


Author: Hamid Hesam

Subject: Non-Fiction (Memory)

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2017/16th Edition

No. of Pages: 264/Paperback

Size: 14 × 22

ISBN: 9786001752629

*English text is available.

*Awarded as the best book during the 20th years of fiction in Iran.

About the Book:

Mahmud Shahbazi was one of the great commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. He played a key role during the revolutionary struggles. During the return of Imam Khomeini, he joined the Defense Committee and then joined the Revolutionary Guard Corps, and while studying in the university, he worked at Headquarters Coordination Office of Guard Corps. After the war began, he headed to the war zones, and later he was appointed as the commander of the Guard Corps of Hamedan due to his courage and competence.

The book “Secret of the Red Gemstone” is a narrative biography of this Martyr commander, and contains the memories of him from the words of his family and companions. All characters in this story are made by the writer’s mind. The events of this story are a part of the ups and downs of the Holy Defense from the beginning of the war until the liberation of Khorramshahr. The book, which has been narrated in 64 chapters, in addition to introducing the prominent character of Martyr Mahmud Shahbazi, from the beginning brings together the reader with great martyrs such as Martyr Haj Ahmad Motevaselian, Martyr Mohammad Ibrahim Hemmat, Martyr Hussein Ghajehei, Martyr Vozaraei and other martyrs introduced in this book.






Title : When the Moonlight Was Lost

Author: Hamid Hesam

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2018/16th Edition

No. of Pages: 652/Paperback

Size: 14 × 22

ISBN: 9786001757815

*  English text is available.

About the Book:

The book, “When Moonlight Was Lost”, describes the life of the martyred commander, Ali Khosh Lafz, and is an objective narrative of a historical event that has led to a change in destinies of many Iranian people. “When Moonlight Was Lost” is not a story, it’s not storytelling and mythology, but a reality like myths. It is the reality of the life and the marriage of a man who lost his “true self” in the “in the night that the moonlight was lost “. Ali Khosh Lafz in his adolescence, simultaneously with the occurrence of the Islamic Revolution, undergoes a transformation of goals and ideals. Ali Khosh Lafz is a national hero who does not need a national medal of courage. He is the playful and naughty child in a neighborhood in Hamedan, cannot sit on the hospital bed after eleven times of injuries with bullets and shrapnel shells and chemical weapons. Martyr Ali Khosh Lafz was martyred in 2017 after years of suffering from injury and patience against separation from friends. The book of his memories is the code of brotherhood.

The writer first takes the reader to the alleyway of the childhood place of the story’s main character and introduces them to the narrator’s naughtiness. Memories start from childhood and continue until the revolution, and after that, we become acquainted with the most important part of the narrator’s life, which is the front line. The writer tries to focus on the details using the narrator’s mind, which was sixteen years old during the war, and to portray the full scene of a collective effort to conquer a city again. In this book, with the art of the writer, the scene of the effort of a number of soldiers from various divisions, commanders’ manner and their dialogue together, etc., capture a memorable image in the mind of the audience. The book “When the Moonlight Was Lost” is one of the works that attempts to recount memories of war using dialogue and more based on the description of detail and scenery. The book, with the use of elements of fiction, has a fluent and appealing prose.

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