Siamak Golshiri


Title: The Grave King (2 Vols.)


Author: Siamak Golshiri

Publisher:  ofoq Pubs.

Years of Publishing:

Book One: The Lost Girls ,ISBN: 978-600-353-416-2 ,Size: 14.5 x 18.5 ,Pages: 256

Book Two: To the Kingdom of King Yunas ,ISBN: 978-600-353-820-7 Size: 14.5 x 18.5, Pages: 264

About the book:

This is the first book in a trilogy, written by Siamak Golshiri, aka the sultan of horror stories for young readers. Those who like this genre also know him for written Iran’s first vampire series for young adults. Imagine this: your sister has gone missing. You desperately seek a way to find and bring her back. Along the way, you reach out to an author who claims to have written his books based on true stories. He would not believe what you think has happened to your sister and decline his help. However, soon he finds out there are other girls who have fallen to the same fate as your sister. And at last, in a fearful night, the author sets foot in a world he would not believe its existence even in his wildest fantasies. Siamak Golshiri has created yet another masterpiece. The most important factor of importance about this book is its genre (Horror.) The author who has proven he is the master of horror, successfully delivers all the elements of the craft in his stories. On the other hand, the subject matter of the first installation is quite unique and this also adds to its value. The narrative itself seems attractive enough for all readers of the age group. The storyline does not leave the reader on their own for one second and the ebbs and dips of it, creates a promising grip for the future installments of the series. Character development, descriptions, and creation of atmosphere in the narrative are among the strengths of The Grave King: The Lost Girls. The creativity and imagination entangle not only the young readers, but also the curious minds of older readers and this acts as a magnet to draw more readership to the series. In the second book of the series, Siamak Glshiri takes the adventure and excitement to another level. Now Nima and his friends have entered the mysterious world of extremely strange creatures, unknown dangers, and a possible peril. He needs to reach where King Yunas’ army is progressing to, with the hope of finidng his sister and other lost girls. The Grave King’s soldiers are following their every step and the dangerous and unwelcoming environment of this strange land is not helping their advance. Siamak Golshiri is one of Iran’s most praised and loved YA authors. His titles are hugely popular and young readers devour his books, because he is a true storyteller. Compulsively, I listened as hard as I could. Khosrow turned his head towards the room too. We were both expecting to hear footprints from outside the room or from the yard. But there was no sound but the roar of the thunder which was shaking the window frames. The man said: “someone approached the boulder. I could hear his footprints. I was certain it was HIM; the monster who took out that man’s heart out of his chest…”





Title: Vampires(5 vols.)


Tehran, Ghosts’ Alley

Meeting the Vampire

The Ghost of Death

The Cloud Forest

The Hunting Night

Written by: Siamak Golshiri

Publisher: Ofoq

Publication Date: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2013

Age Group: +12

Size:14.5 cm x 18.5 cm

Pages: 112, 120, 144, 176, 144

ISBN: 9789643695149


◙  Sample English text is available.


About the Book:

Siamak Golshiri has created an exciting world, in which vampires and humans, their lives and their stories are entangled. He has masterfully narrated the intertwined stories of vampires, their struggles, their reputation as killers, and the misperceptions we humans have of them. In this series of five books, the readers are presented with the occurrence of suspicious murders and the links they have with the unknown vampires in Tehran. The familiarity of situations, locations, timings, names, and the overall atmosphere has made this series a brilliant all Iranian horror story.

In the first book, the author is mentioned as Dracula. You read it right, the same famous legendary Dracula, is willingly telling his side of the story.

 In the second book, the author is reliving a story and unknowingly, has stepped foot in a world he previously thought of as fantasy. He goes to a place Dracula had described in the first book and suddenly feels a cold breeze over his shoulder. Then all he hears is this: “it’s now my home too.” said the Lord Dracula.

In the third book, the author’s curiosity is intrigued, when the corpse of Arash Bahrami, a journalist, is found in the eastern part of Tehran. The author found himself searching through the journalist’s stuff at his home and finally realized he had a fiancé, called Rita. The author visits Rita and passes the point of no return. He has entered a world, he has heard a story, and he has met people and creatures, from which he can no longer escape.

In the fourth book, the author previously familiar with vampires of Tehran, is searching to find Arash Bahrami. In the process, he meets a strange and estranged woman, with even a stranger past. She tells him about the experience she had in the cloud forest: an experience which has been haunting her for good.

In the fifth book, the author becomes the target for the vampires, after he has mistakenly revealed and unfolded their secret. The author is convinced by other people who are now involved in the story, that the best defense strategy is to attack. This group of men, each one with a different goal in mind, comes together and starts the hunt for the vampires. But nothing is pure good nor evil. The author must face his ultimate fear to be able to realize the truth; a truth so different from he has in mind. He eventually learns that the clichés and the stories about vampires have nothing to do with the intentions they have in heart.


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