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Fariba Kalhor (1971/Tehran) is well known for Iranian young adults. Her books often enjoy social concepts. She was the editor of the monthly journal of Soroush-i Koudakan for 15 years. She started writing for the adults seriously, in 2001. Kalhor has reworked numerous stories and myths such as The Myth of Gilgamesh and Inana.  She wrote more than 50 titles for children and young adults and they were published by great publishers in Iran. “Fariba Kalhor” began its presence in the magazines of the sixties, in the field of child and adolescent fiction and adult literature, and made many works in this field. She was “Child Soroush” magazine chief editor since its establishment till 2003 (about 13 years) and was cooperating with Hamshahri children issue.

Some of her Books:

“End of a Man”,

 “Start of a Woman”,

 “My Dear Husband”

Mr. Watermelon;

The End of a Man;

The Beginning of a Woman;

 My Beloved Husband;

The Intelligentsia of Orak Planet;

One-minute Stories;

The Girl in Mirror-like Clothing;

 Today My Swallow;

 The Myth of Garshasb.









Title: Orange Books (12Vols.)







Illustrator: Team of illustrators

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Years of Publishing: 2014

No. of Pages: 192(each Vol)

Age Group: 8+

Size: 30 × 22

ISBN: 9786002510273

◙ English text is available.

◙ Copyright sold: Iran (Ghadyani Pubs.), Algeria (Al-Beit Pubs.)


 About the Book:

 A sparrow was flying in the sky. Suddenly, one of its feathers was detached and fell to the ground. It touched down to catch its feather and realized it has fallen a, the back of a hedgehog. It asked the hedgehog to return its feather but the hedgehog refused and said that it should not get near and its feather would not be returned. The sparrow was angry. The hedgehog realized that it can make the sparrow comply so they went with the owl who was the judge. The owl asked the sparrow to show the vacant spot from where its feather had detached but the sparrow searched a lot and could not find the spot! The owl said that the sparrow had so many feathers that it could not find the vacant spot of one feather and thus it must have been more generous.

Orange books are 52 volumes and in fact they count as the number of the weeks per year. Each book reflects 1 week and includes 7 stories for 7 days of the week. The words are simple enough to be understood for the target age group. While each story talks about reality in its essence and has instructive aims, the story contains numerous imaginary elements. The author has been skilled in storytelling such that instead of short length of the stories, one can easily relate with the elements and characters. Each story takes shape in a anew ambience that is not recurring for the child. The reader can easily follow the story. Overcoming fear, hygiene, generosity, avoiding crying, donation, beauty and happy living, etc. are useful instructive elements for this age-group and the child gets to know them indirectly. Learning is always an important element in child training and the language of learning is even more important. In these stories that are both entertaining and motivate child’s imagination, the educational element is indoctrinated completely through occult methodology to the child. The vastness of spaces and scenes in every tale is a positive aspect and the authors who had to collect many stories had been successful in depicting them. Any reader around the world can easily connect with the simple wording. The simplicity is full of depth and spirit which will be fascinating for the children of the wor1 d. Happiness flows through, and it matches the child’s mental state. The illustration perfectly matches the stories such that a lot of context is transferred to the child through images and colors.

Title: Tales before Meals






Illustrator: Kiyana Firooz

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Years of Publishing: 2008

No. of Pages: 160

Age Group: 14+

Size:”16.5 × 21

ISBN: 9789645364241

◙ Sample English text is available.


About the Book:

Tales before Meals starts with the story of madam auntie who does funny things. One day she invites people and instead of pouring barberry on the cooked rice, she pours rice on a lot of barberry and serves the guests.

  • The story of a newly-wed bride that forgets to make cooked rice for cucurbit stew.
  • The story of an eggplant that did not want to share the common fate of all eggplants but finally the cook makes a tasty eggplant stew from it.
  • The story of a grandma who taught her 8 daughters the right way of cooking macaroni and was even invited to work in a famous restaurant as chef major.
  • The story of cutlets who talk a frizzle sizzle language.
  • And the story of a big brother who has returned from overseas after years and everyday eats Qormehsabzi (kind of food in Iran) and finally this same dish makes him friends with the neighboring woman.

There are 25 short stories categorized as social tales. This book is unique in the wor1d and the stories are about most delicious Iranian meals which have been presented cutely to children and even adults. Although the book seems child-like but the stories are not dedicated to any age group and like the aroma and taste of food, can satiate any hungry reader. The main point here is introducing famous and tasteful Iranian dishes. The words are simple and sweet and any child will be motivated to follow the story trail.  It is in fact a virgin entry-level work for getting Into the good-smelling world of books. Reading these stories before meals gives a new meaning to eating food and its tradition.  The relationship between man and food and a fresh outlook over nutrition is transferred to the reader and it can even reduce bad eating habits among children.














Title: Rhino Trips (6 Vols)







Illustrated by: Team of illustrators

Published by: Amir Kabir publications

Ages 14 and up

Size: 14×21

ISBN: 978-964-300-584-9

◙ Sample English text is available






About the Book:

Story of a rhino who encounters a white swan on a lake. It goes there at certain times to watch the swan and enjoy. In return, the swan swam for him, opened its wings and moved her head this way and that. In a nutshell, they had a good time together. One day there were no sign of the swan and the rhino found a group of swans near the canebrake and everyday went there to watch them and forgot about the lake’s swan. Winter came and all swans migrated. But the white swan stayed in the cold by the rhino so to be the most glorious swan of the lake.

The collection in 6 volumes includes these titles: Rhino& the Swan Lake, Rhinos’ Fairy, Goodbye Rhino, My Wronged Friend, Little Companion, Counting Rhino. The collection is about animals’ stories and the hero is a cute rhino with new ideas and deeds. Depiction of rhino and other animal’s worlds within an imaginary and nice atmosphere is interesting for the reader. The author skillfully described the plot in different settings and has been successful in making the story’s language comprehensive to the reader and connects the reader with the book. The climax is when the rhino encounters a anew adventure and this adds to the excitement. The suspense is very good and does not allow and guesses, so it pulls the reader to the end. The story is written by a superior Iranian author who has been successful in various festivals and the setting is quite different than other stories. The fresh, delightful and innovative theme has added to the beauty of the book.





Title: Full & Half-Length Stories For Children (10 Vols.)







Illustrator: Team of illustrators

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Years of Publishing: 2009

No. of Pages: 1609(16 each Vol.)

Age Group: 8+

Size:”17 × 21

ISBN: 9789645367310 

◙ Sample English text is available.

◙ Copyright sold: Iran (Ghadyani Pubs.), Algeria (Al-Beit Pubs.)

About the Book:

A turtle wanted to sweep the snow off its shell. Suddenly a giraffe mistakenly kicks it and the snow falls off its shell. Now the turtle must straight its inverted shell but it does not know how to do it! The family of a ghoul (giant) is searching to find a belt for ghoul’s son panties. Finally, the mom ghoul gave her son a train which was passing the mountain to tie it on his panties. Now, it has been years that a train is tied around the waistline of ghoul’s son to hold his panties from falling. The story of an alligator that hunts a little girt, a frog and a sparrow and eats them. The little girl makes the alligator yawn and when It opened its mouth; all of them get out and run.  And the story of meatballs that got lost and then it was clear that the bowl had eaten them.  Adventure of Sarah’s birthday cake candles that were glowing fireflies.

There are 70 short fantasy stories for school children collected in 10 independent volumes. The author is a major Iranian writer or children/ teenager stories who have achieved great success and the books are published by a successful Iranian publisher. A team of illustrators have ornamented the book who has worked with different styles and ambiances and this adds to the beauty of the tales. The titles are selected smartly and make the child curious about the content. Since the books are for school-age groups, the prose is simple and the literature is eloquent to help the child understand the stories better. The author makes use of her imagination and creates cute and interesting adventures and sometimes the meaning is delegated to the pictures and the relation between images and the text present a new outlook to the child. A childish naughtiness prevails and the author has been successful in transferring it to the reader. Every story describes a wish or childish thought within a funny or cute setting. The book includes nice, delightful and fresh stories.

Title: The Chief’s Whistle







Illustrator: Mahin Javaherian 

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of Publication: 1999

No. of Pages: 24

Age Group: 8+

Size: 19× 19

ISBN: 9786001033285             

    Sample English text is available.




About the Book:

Sara and her grandfather go to the park. She swings for a while and then encourages her grandfather to sit on the swing. But the park guard does not let him.

Excerpt: Sara pulled her grandfather’s hand, urging him to move faster towards the playground. When the got there, she ran and hopped on the swing. ”Swing me, Grandpa! Harder! Harder!” she said.














Title: Gilgamesh







Illustrator: Mohammad Hasanpoor

Subject: Story

Publisher: Soroush Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2001/Second edition

No. of Pages: 123

Size: 14×21

Ages: 14 and up

 ISBN: 964435673

◙ Sample English text is available


About the Book:

This book is a literary epic written 4000 years ago on 12 cuneiform clay tablets. In the present book, the epic has been simplified for children and teenagers. Gilgamesh is a heroic, autocrat and powerful king who make trouble for his subjects instead of making well. During his fight with a competitive strongman, he turns to people and learns about them while struggling between life, death and power. Gilgamesh takes a risky trip to achieve immortality and goes through deadly mountains, forests and seas… and even enters the land of the dead underground to find one of his ancestors who allegedly had discovered the secret of eternal life. Ultimately, the hero finds his godfather but……. The skilled Iranian author narrates this work with an eloquent and fluent prose for teenagers. The epic casts a glance from the depths of the history at love, training, nature, and life and death mysteries. The book imitates the original format and is written in 12 sections titled 12 Tablets and a B&W image accompanies each section.






Translation & Publication Grant Program


Aims at fostering the Iranian Publication Industry, and boosting the presence of Iranian books in global markets. The Cultural Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance provides the supporting grant for the translation and publication of Persian books by foreign translators and publishers based on the following criteria.


⌂ Introducing Persian literature and culture to other countries

⌂ Facilitating cultural diplomacy and international ties through literary and cultural relationships

⌂ Fostering the Iranian Publication Industry

⌂ Preparing the ground for private publishers and cultural institutes to cooperate with their foreign counterparts


This grant could be allocated to the translation and publication of all Iranian books having ISBN numbers issued by the Ministry of Culture in any theme and subject; however, the priority is given to the following topics:

⌂ Contemporary Literature (Fiction / Non-Fiction)

⌂ Arts

⌂ Islamic /Iranian Studies

⌂ Books on topics for Children & Young Adults

Grant Receivers (Who Can Apply):

All natural and legal persons who own/buy the copyrights of the Persian books from their Iranian right holders can apply for this grant. These include:

⌂ Private Publishers

The Grant Is Provided For:

⌂ Translation costs (fully/partly)

⌂ Publication costs (fully/partly)

The Amount of the Grant

The financial value of this grant  will be as follows:

As for the books for children and young adults (mostly illustrated): up to 1000 US dollars for each title

As for the books for adults: up to 3000 US dollars for each title

Evaluation Criteria

  • The Quality of the translation into a foreign language; including accuracy, fluency, cohesion, coherence, etc.
  • The publisher’s plan and potentiality for distributing the book in the target country
  • The time span for fulfilling the task (maximum 2 years)

 Allocation Procedure

  • 25% of the total fund will be paid after signing a copyright contract with the Iranian publisher or author, and submitting other requirements to the secretariat.
  • The remaining amount (75%) will be paid after finalizing the publishing procedure and submitting the printed copy of the book to the secretariat.

How to Submit Requests

⌂ Send the application in printed or electronic form (available at: )

⌂ Send the full CV (resume) of the translator or/and publisher, with the revealing documents attached.

⌂ Send the legal copyright contract with the Iranian publisher

⌂ Provide a copy of the Persian book which is going to be translated and published by the publisher

⌂ Provide a sample of the translation (10 pages)

Note: All of the documents mentioned above could be uploaded and submitted to the secretariat via the official website of the project.

Contact Information

Email address:


Tel-fax: 0098(0)2188318655

 Postal Address: No. 7, Fajr Building, Fajr St., Ghaem Magham Ave., Tehran, Iran. Postal Code: 1589746511


Pol Literary & Translation Agency 

Founded in 2005, POL is a full-service agent that translates Iranian books and represents Persian language publishers, authors and illustrators through the world.

POL try to make publicity of Iranian books through the introduction and presentation in major international cultural events such as book fairs to sell their rights as well as identifying and introducing useful books from other countries to translate and publish in Iran.

Pol main programs are:

1 – Children and Young adults

2 – Fiction (Novels and short stories)

3 – Non-Fiction

POL services and editorial developments are:

-Publicity of Iranian books through introduction and presentation of books in major international book fairs, catalogues and brochures, websites, literary and cultural seminars and through contacts and negotiation with literary agencies and publishers throughout the world.

-Handling Iranian authors and illustrators in foreign countries to sell their rights of books to publishers.

-Handling the publishers and authors from other countries in Iran to sell their rights to Iranian publishers.

-Holding and managing stands in different international book fairs for publishers.

– Making easy for authors and illustrators to participate in different international cultural events.

-Translation and editing books from Persian (Farsi) into other languages and vice versa.

-International distribution of Iranian books in other countries

-Co-publishing books with publishers in other countries.


Contact Person:

Pol Literary & Translation Agency, Unit.3, No.108, Inghlab Ave, 12Farvardin Str., Nazari Str., Tehran-Iran

Tel:+98 21 66480369, Fax: +98 21 66478559

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