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Sepideh Khalili is a writer, translator, and journalist and began her professional career in writing in 1989.She has authored and translated more than 120 books for children. Some of them are: Like no one(2016), Titi and Tata(2013), Moosh Mooshak and shapes(2013),Surprise eggs and five other stories(2016),……. .Khalili has been awarded in many festivals including Parvin Etesami Award and Top Book Festival).


?Title: Have You Not Lost a Child





Author: Sepideh Khalili

Illustrator: Somayye Alipour

ISBN: 9789640812594


The baby hedgehog had lost his mother. The rabbit wanted to be his mother, but the baby hedgehog refused. The rabbit got upset and left. She saw a fox on the way who wanted to hunt him. The mother hedgehog who was looking for her child saved her and the Rabbit helped her find her baby. The book contains a short text and a beautiful story with beautiful illustrations. The book “Have You Not Lost a Child?” has also been published in the form of a film book so that children, in addition to reading books and listening to stories, can see and enjoy the story in the form of a short animation based on the book.

Title: Stories of Mani and Mana (stories to teach “self-protection” to children)





 Author: sepideh Khalili

Illustrator: Mohsen Kharghani

Subject: Fiction (Story)

Publisher: Madresse Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2019

No. of Pages: 34

Size: 19×19

Age of Group: 6+

ISBN: 9789640814970


About the Book:

This book contains seven stories entitled “Wow! It is Found”, “Kiss, No”, “Doctor Game”, “Mani and Swimming”, “Sneaky Fruit Leather”, “Bad Secret” and “Stranger”, each of which has been written in simple language and in the form of a story to teach children how to protect themselves. One of the main features of the stories in this series is the role ascribed to parents in this regard.Teaching children how to protect their body prevents possible dangers. Dangers that always threaten children due to their young age and lack of experience. Many articles have been written on this subject and psychologists and researchers have written many theories on it.Resorting to wrong teaching methods in this field can, at times, have the opposite effect and cause destruction in children’s minds. However, the correct method of education and keeping in mind all the required aspects will definitely keep children away from danger.The stories of “Mani and Mana” were written by Sepideh Khalili, a writer, psychologist, and expert with a background in education. These stories were first published in Roshd magazines and made available to the public and, later on, and after gaining the approval of expert observers, they have now been published in the form of a book.

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