Iran’s Book and Literature House is representing our country’s publishing ‎industry displaying over 800 titles of books at the 3rd Sulaimaniyah International Book ‎Fair.‎

Iranian representative is showcasing books in this event on a variety of subjects such as contemporary and classic Persian literature, children and young ‎adults, Iranology, the Sacred Defense, poetry, Iranology, arts and religion; public relations office of Iran’s Book and Literature House reported.

Unveiling books, meeting with university students of Persian language in Sulaimaniyah, negotiations on exchanging copyrights, introducing Iranian publishing industry, Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and inviting foreign publishers to TIBF,‎ the Grant Program of Iran’s Culture Ministry aimed to promote the translation and publication ‎of Persian books into other languages are among the measures taken by Iran’s Book and Literature House in the event. ‎

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