The Cat Stuck in Tar

Author: Alireza Motavalli

Illustrator: Sam Salmasi

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of Publication: 2017

No. of Pages: 120

Age Group: 14+

Size: 29× 21


About the Book:

People who live in a noisy neighborhood find a cat somehow stuck in a barrel of tar. They cannot release it themselves. So, they try to call different civil authorities to come and save it: the fire station, the police department, the municipal office, etc. Strange as it seems, neither of them consider this as a part of their job description. This is a sociopolitical satire symbolically representing helpless Iran whose map looks like a cat.

The Cat Stuck in Tar has sold over 15,000 copies and has recently been awarded by Shahid Ghanipour Festival.

About the author

Alireza Motavalli (1967-Tehran) is a famous writer who has started his career as a high school student by writing for the junior Keyhan, the most important children’s literature journal at the time. He has graduated in developmental psychology due to his interest in children’s literature.

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