About us

About us:
Founded in 2005, POL is a full-service agent that translates Iranian books and represents Persian language publishers, authors and illustrators through the world.POL Try to make publicity of Iranian books through the introduction and presentation in major international cultural events such as book fairs to sell their rights as well as identifying and introducing useful books from other countries to translate and publish in Iran.
Pol main programs are:
1 – Childern and Young adults
2 – Fiction (Novels and short stories)
3 – N0n-Fiction (Religious/Social/Political)
POL services and editorial developments are:
-Publicity of Iranian books through introduction and presentation of books in major international book fairs, catalogues and brochures, websites, literary and cultural seminars and through contacts and negotiation with literary agencies and publishers throughout the world.
-Handling Iranian authors and illustrators in foreign countries to sell their rights of books to publishers.
-Handling the publishers and authors from other countries in Iran to sell their rights to Iranian publishers.
-Holding and managing stands in different international book fairs for publishers.
– Making easy for authors and illustrators to participate in different international cultural events.
-Translation and editing books from Persian (Farsi) into other languages and viceversa.
-International distribution of Iranian books in other countries
-Co-publishing books with publishers in other countries.