A Day of Lemon Yellow Color

A Day of Lemon Yellow Color

Author: Froozaneh Khodajoo

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2015/First edition/Paperback

Subject: Novel

No. pages:  160

Age group: 14+


ISBN: 9786002516770 

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

That day Hadyeh’s aunt, who had been abroad for years, was supposed to return to Iran and visit them at their home. But Hadyeh wasn’t interested in seeing her, because she had always thought that her aunt had left her sister during the hard times to go abroad. Hadyeh is a stubborn girl who argues with her mother about everything. She was thinking that her daddy keeps running away from her mom and s he’s concerned about this fact. Hadyeh (she) wasn’t happy about the idea of Aunt Parvin’s coming back to Iran. However, one day when she returns home from school she finds her mother weeping. Because only one week before returning to Iran Aunt Parvin had died.

In this novel the story of a girl named, Hadyeh, is narrated in connection with the relationship with her family and the people around her. She is involved in actions and reactions and the plot of the story helps the children and the young readers to understand the world around them and the readers get familiarized with the world of grownups. They will come to comprehend the fact that in the world of adults there are huge weird and complicated problems and difficulties in life.

Book Excerpts:

Mana closes her laptop to return to the window. She stands behind the window watching the heavy rain which had started since morning. The raindrops hit the window. The raindrops which are shrewd slip on the surface of the window pane and fall down but the ones who are lazy stay where they fall and another drop arrives to drive them off. At the same time a car that seems to be speeding pushing on the brake stops noisily in front of the house. A man with white and black hair gets off. Mana, without knowing the reason, gets worried and steps back away from the window. The man, wearing a black Jacket, steps towards the door. At the same time sound of the bell echoes in the house….

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