A Record of Islam    

Author: Abdul-Hussein Zarrinkoob   

Publisher: Amir Kabir Publication

Subject: Islamic Studies

Year of publishing: 2013/19 th

No. of Pages: 209

Size: 21* 14

ISBN: 978-964-00-0121-9

 Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

The author writes about the advent and expansion of Islam and its tremendous influence on the advances of today’s people. The main topics of discussion are reviewing and introducing the achievements of Islam, and the intermingling of Islamic and Iranian cultures. It is believed that such achievements and intermingling are fruits of interaction, tolerance, and intellectual thinking. The author addresses the development and expansion of Islam, the great human culture, formation of Iranian-Islamic civilization, and creation of cultural works. He further mentions the following  topics: establishment of libraries, schools and science centers, scientific movement of Muslims, medical science and hospitals, pharmacy and natural sciences, astronomy and mathematics, physics and chemistry, techniques and industries, geography and tourism, sects and creeds, beliefs and religions, philosophy and wisdom and discourse, fine arts, Islamic ‘irfān (mysticism), and the educational method of Islam.

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