A Tree and Four Crows

Author: Afsaneh Shabannejad

Illustrator: Farshid Shafiee

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of publication: 2004

No. of Pages: 12 (each volume)

Age Group: 4+

Size: 19×19


About the Book:

A 4-volume collection of funny, amusing tales for preschool and primary school children: 1. The Crows and the Rainbow 2. The Crows and the Blossoms 3. The Crows and the Cotton Field 4. The Crows Escape.

About the author

Afsaneh Shabannejad is one the most famous figures of Iranian children’s literature, having written over 500 books for preschool and primary school kids. A highly noted, award winning poet and writer, Shabannejad has been the editor of many acclaimed literary magazines and has also created some televised programs for children.

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