Blessed Army


Author: M’asumeh Sepehri

Subject: Non-Fiction (Memory)

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2013/21th Edition

No. of Pages: 808/Paperback

Size: 14 × 22

ISBN: 9786001753718

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About the Book:

The book “The Blessed Army” is fictional memories of one of the Azerbaijani warriors. Alongside finding the path to the depths of human relationships, readers of this book can assess the confrontation of warriors with memories and incidents, and alongside review, a part of the unsaid about the war from the language of an intelligent force. The narrator of the memoir in his narrative looked at the war not from the perspective of memory, but sometimes from the eyes of a critic, and maybe it would be a new step in understanding the various angles of the eight-year-old battle of the Iranian people. The book begins with the fever of the first character, Mehdigholi Rezaei, on the way to the front lines, manipulating the birth certificate, the days and nights of the Basij bases and mosques of those days, and being dispatched them to the battlefields. The author of the book became acquainted with the areas and operations using available maps, and then, in the maps and detailed explanations that he receives from the narrator for his questions, he is so justified as if he lives at that time and on that earth. This is also the reason for writing a more detailed and precise text of the war. In all circumstances, he seeks to explore the humanitarian situations of warriors. In the same vein, brilliant papers of diver warriors are created, who were models of courage and faith throughout the war.

“The Blessed Army” is a fascinating report of this great event, which, in the words of the brave warriors and an intelligence member, recounts the unsaid angles of the Holy Defense history. In this book, the writer’s tangible and effective characterizations of the story’s hero (Mehdigholi Rezaei) portrays a teenage character who, with earnestness, determination and sympathy, experience the hardest and most dangerous moments of the incident and epic fields, and wounded and injured from every mission and operation, and these wounds and injuries are still with him.

We read in a part of this book:

How could Karim and Dostali, who were my age, go the front, but I wasn’t accepted? Why doesn’t the summer end?

That night was the hottest night of my life. The weather was warm; incidentally, a few clouds were wandering in the sky. I was moving in bed and did not know what to do. I could not believe that I returned result less from the Basij[1] registration site. It means I still have to content to the alley and school and the mosque, and only my work is to guard at night in the alleys saying “Turn off the lights”. I passed that nigh to the morning with restlessness and did not say to anyone that I was rejected at the Basij registration site.

My brother’s strong hand, Hassan, pulled me out of the line that ended up to the bus. All of my anxiety and passion for dispatching passed over my mind in a moment. Concerned and silent, I observed my brother’s quarrel with the dispatch officer, “He is a just kid! Where do you dispatch him without his parents’ permission?

About the Author:

M’asumeh Sepehri


M’asumeh Sepehri is MA in Philosophy and the wife a veteran with of 70% of disability. He is one of the women writers in the field of the Holy Defense Literature. Sepehri tries, by writing and recording the memories of some of the brave Iranian warriors during the Holy Defense, present their lifestyles as an example and model of a courageous life to all people. Among her works, the followings can be mentioned:

  • A Box of Confectionery, a Bullet
  • Nouraddin, Son of Iran
  • The Blessed Army

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