Bohlul’s Tales

Author: Ahmad Arablou

Illustrator: Muhammadhussein salavatian

Publisher: Mehrab-e Ghalam Pubs.

Year of publication:

No. of Pages: 16(each Vol.)  

Age Group: 12+

Size: 19× 19


About the Book:

A four-volume series revolves around the famous figure, Wahab ibn Omar, known as Bohlul, living in the time of Abbasid Chaliphate. Bohlul, pretending to be a fool, actually is a wise character, who aims to criticize the society he lived in and mock the political figures. He is known and loved among Iranian audience for his audacious retorts.


The Caliph was sitting on his throne, waiting for Bohlul. The judge was trembling with anger.

”Why have you brought these animals here?” asked the Caliph, turning his head towards Bohlul.

”Mighty Caliph,” answered Bohlul, chuckling, ”these are actually the judge’s offspring. They want their father. But the merciless judge has abandoned them!”

About the author

Ahmad Arablou has worked for years as a children’s literature writer, focusing mainly on satirical fiction. He has received many awards from different festivals.

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