Davoud Amirian             (1970-Kerman) Davood Amirian is the writer who well-known figure in the Iranian children and young adults’ literature. His main interest of subject is war literature. He published his memories of Iran-Iraq war at the age of twenty. Satire and presence of young active and ambitious youths […]

Claire Joubert (1961/Paris) Claire Joubert is an author of children’s literature, writing in both French and Persian and sometimes illustrating for her stories. She lived in Iran since 1983. He has a bachelor’s degree in educational sciences, a master’s degree in children’s literature (distance from the University of Le Mans, France). She was interested in […]

Behnaz Zarabizadeh (1968-Hamedan)  (1968-Hamedan) is one of the most talented and active Iranian women writers who have been able to create valuable works, especially in writing diaries about the events of the Iran-Iraq war. Welcomed by Iranian readers and literary circles. In addition to the book’s compilation, Zarrabizadeh has worked closely with the cultural institutions […]

Mohammadreza Shams was studying in an art school when he became acquainted with a theater troupe, which caused him to opt for acting and playwriting. Besides theater, he composed poetry and after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, his poems and stories were published in renowned Iranian children’s and young adult magazines. Shams is particularly skilled […]

Elham Fallah, one of Iranian awarded novelist, has been working in the fields of novel writing, literary criticism, and journalism for over ten years. She has published two story collections, six adult novels, and three adolescent novels so far. She is a columnist in the fiction magazine Kargadan, Iran newspaper, Hamshahri Fiction, Arman, etc. She […]

MohammadReza Bayrami is one of the most successful Iranian authors of memoirs, fiction and war novels for young adults and adults.  He has written more or less 50 novels, story collections and novelettes for children, teenagers and adults. He has always been a mainstream Iranian figure and has won tens of national awards – including […]

Susan Taghdis has been a founder of the Iranian Association of Writers for Children and young adults. She is mostly known as the writer for preschoolers and children. Her stories develop with extreme brevity and sentences are short and simple. She wrote many books and some of them are translated into other languages. Some of […]

Siamak Golshiri   Title: The Grave King (2 Vols.)      Author: Siamak Golshiri Publisher:  ofoq Pubs. Years of Publishing: Book One: The Lost Girls ,ISBN: 978-600-353-416-2 ,Size: 14.5 x 18.5 ,Pages: 256 Book Two: To the Kingdom of King Yunas ,ISBN: 978-600-353-820-7 Size: 14.5 x 18.5, Pages: 264 About the book: This is the […]

About the Author: Masoud Malekyari (1980- Tehran) is the writer, research and translator of children books. He is a very strenuous writer in this field. Ironic language and novel atmospheres of his stories are the strengths of his works. Malekyari has been teaching creative writing and storytelling at think tanks, cultural centers, universities, and workshops […]