Boostan’s Illustrated Stories

Boostan’s Illustrated Stories

Author: Mojgan Sheikhi

Illustrator: AliReza Gholdooziyan

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2010

No. of Pages:12(each Vol)

Age Group:8+

Size:”22 × 22

ISBN: 9789645368997

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

One day a Street vendor was passing a forestand Sow a fax without hands and legs leaning at a comer. He was thinking about how the animal is making a living. He suddenly Sow a lion coming towards the fox with a jackal in mouth. The lion sat near the fox ate the jackal and left the rest for the fox. Fox ate the leftover and slept The salesman told himself that I must carry this heavy Load everyday to get some bread but the fox’s food is readily available. He was thinking like this until he reached a village and rented a room and waited until God fetch his food. Days pass and he got weaker and thinner. A wise old man came to him and asked him why he did not work. The salesman recounted the events. The old man answered:”Why do not you want to live like a Ii on that al so helps others. Get up and pursue your fate. This type of sitting is futile.” The salesman picked up his gear and went far from the village and the jungle.

Boostan is a poetry book written by Sadi in 13th century A.H. Sa’di created the book while traveling. The book is in Masnavi format and contains ethical, instructive and social anecdotes. Boostan is a collection of stories with special characteristics that are not obvious at first but after some contemplation, points emerge that distinguish each story from the other. Through reading the book, a non-Iranian child steps in a new path comprised of many unknown affairs and the unknown mixed with simplicity and sweetness produce best events and the reader easily gets connected to the stories. Character development is reconciled with Iranian and Islamic literature. The stories’ conclusions are fully distinct like the other Sa’di’s book Golestan, and leads the reader towards clear interpretations. This is a good characteristic of instructive books and on the other hand, it helps a child who is not familiar with Iranian-Islamic culture and religion to get correct results.

 About the Author:

Mojgan Sheikhi(1962/Tehran) received a BA in English language translation. Her years of literary work  resulted in over 150 illustrated books. Among her books are: Diaries of a crow(2014),the sun of khwarazm(2015),Lullabies of Miss crow(2016),Summer and the white goose(2012) .She currently lives in Iran. Sheikhi was awarded the Islamic Republic of Iran Book Award, Arvin Festival, Justice and Solidarity Award, Berlinate International Festival.


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