Chess with Resurrection Car


Author: Habib Ahmadzadeh

Subject: Fiction (Novel)

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2017/22th Edition

No. of Pages: 342/Paperback

Size: 14 × 22

ISBN: 978 9645061553

 Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

–  English, Russian, Arabic, French texts are available

– Honored in the book of the Holy Defense Year (2006)

– Winner in the Isfahan literary prize (2006)

– Winner in the Shahid Ghanipoor Literary Award

– Nominee of the Yearbook of Writers and Critics of the Iranian Press

– The candidate in the book of the Islamic Republic of Iran

– The adaptation of the drama of the book and performance in Canada

The novel “Chess with Resurrection Car” is about three days of the life of a seventeen-year-old in a city surrounded by Iraqis. He is the watch of the artillery, but contrary to his inner will, he is responsible for the food truck, and he must give food to the warriors, and give food to three of the strange people who did not leave the city. The Iraqis are equipped with advanced Arabic radar system and he is looking for it. This radar system is the Resurrection Car that the writer for finding it, referring to three parts of the Quran, the Gospel, and the Torah, recalls the philosophy of human creation and his life in the hereafter, from the perspective of a teenage, a prostitute from the Shah’s period, and a retired engineer of Abadan Refinery, who are a combination of guilt and innocence, simplicity and cunning and sanctity and disbelief. This teenager, who is the narrator of the story, is actually on the border between puberty and childhood. Although his military brain has grown well, many of his actions do not have the necessary maturity. For example, he is very talkative even about the military secrets, or he has a childish pride because he is a watch. In this difficult situation, this character learns things that he cannot handle under normal circumstances. This teenager does not have a name in the whole story and only has a wireless code as “Moses”, which may be an allegory of the story of Moses and Khidr. His commander (Qasem) is, in fact, Khidr, his leader, who pushes him into the community to try and make mistakes and learn.

“Chess with Resurrection Car” has a new and innovative look at the Holy Defense theme, which suggests that Holy Defense has created the grounds for the growth of a generation. In this story, there are different characters that have different beliefs and religions. Another key character is the story is the “engineer”, an experienced engineer of the Oil Company, who now lives on the third floor of a seven-storied building with his cats. He is a person, who during the story has a chameleon character, and war and its reason are nonsense for him, and he believes that it was God’s disdain to bring the man to the earth and create this trouble for him. In fact, we hear the ambiguities that this watch teenager’s minds do not understand from the words of the engineer and he is the source of doubt for the watch. The interaction between the engineer and the teenager, in general, shows the importance of performance and movement, not what happens. The novel “Chess with Resurrection Car” is Ahmadzadeh’s second most dramatic work, which is in the category of classical works, since it works is aligned with all elements in the dominant thinking of the novel, which is the belief in the Macro narrative. “Chess with Resurrection Car” is a novel that portrays emotions, feelings, reasons, conflicts, and adolescent thinking in the context of war. This novel is accompanied by parts of the Torah (the Creator Bible), the Gospel (Matthew), and the Holy Qur’an (Takvir Surah). In addition to his mission narration, the narrator of the novel also channeled to his past, which has led to the creation of a fluid atmosphere in the story and narrative.

About the Author:

Habib Ahmadzadeh


Habib Ahmadzadeh, an Iranian novelist, documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, assistant director and researcher, is an MA in dramatic literature from Tehran Art University and a Ph.D. in Art Research at Tarbiat Modares University. He is featured in movies such as The Best Statue of the World, The One Who Goes to the Sea, Talking to the Shadow, Trilogy Narrative, The Night Bus, Minoo Watch Tower, The Last 50 Steps, Like a Story, The Glass Agency, and Retribution as director, scriptwriter, plot presenter, director consultant, and screenwriting consultant.

Some of the Works:

  1. Chess with Resurrection Car
  2. War City Stories
  3. Code 24

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