Child, Games, Life

Child, Games, Life Encyclopedia of Children’s Gams 

Author: Esmail Jamali

Publisher: Neday-e Sina

Subject: Non-fiction

456 pages, 24.5×17 cm

ISBN: 978-600-9538-99-7

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

The present book deals with introducing different games applicable by children in 4 independent chapters of 4 fields:

  1. Group games: This chapter introduces group games which are games that can be played in kindergartens, parties, picnics and other get-to-gathers and gatherings.
  2. Single or double Games: This chapter introduces games by using them parents can play with their children at homes.
  3. Speech and talking games: This chapter introduces oral and speech-based games that help children to speak more fluently and proficiently.
  4. We desire home atmosphere happy and friendly: The activities introduced in this chapter are for the parents to make the atmosphere of their homes more desirable by using them.

This book which is the result of many years of research, attempts and experiences, tries to equip people in charge of educational and training affairs with different purposeful games which are based on the properties and stages of children’s growing up and are suitable for today’s life of different occupations to make them able to bring up children by using different games and

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