About Soore-ye Mehr Publishing House                         Soore-ye Mehr Publishing Company as an administrator of Hozeh Honari publications and also a place for manifestation of the productive works, has been responsible for all affairs related to planning of content design, technical production, publication and distribution […]

Michka Publishing House    Mobtakeran Publishing Company was established by Yahya Dehghani in 1987. Beginning with providing educational material for students, the Company soon developed to publish encyclopedias and academic books, design multi-media educational software, and tools, conduct educational tests, training course and E-learning courses, and provide counseling […]

Iranian Bestsellers Publishers Madresse Publications    Name of the Publishing House: Madresse Add. No.7, Shahid Haghighattalab Str. Gharani Ave. Tehran-Iran Director: Hamidreza Shahabadi Madresse Publication House is an Iranian publisher affiliated with the Ministry of Education & Training. It is one of the largest publishers of educational books […]

Iranian Bestsellers Publishers Hezare Quqnoos Publications    Name of the Publishing House: Hezare Qoqnoos Add. No.1, Ramsar Str. Inghelab Ave. Tehran-Iran Director: Reza Hajabadi Hezarehe Quqnoos Publications was established in 2004. From that time until the present, it has published more than 600 titles in different fields. One […]

Iranian Bestsellers Publishers             Name of the Publishing House: Mehrab Ghalam Add. No.104,Shohadaye Zhandarmery Str. Inghelab Ave. Tehran-Iran Director: Abdolazim Freidoon Mehrab Ghalam Publishing House was established in 1981 by a number of writers, cultural directors, and teachers for children and adolescents. From the first year of its […]

Introducing Iranian Publication Houses             Navid-e Shahed Publication House   Navid-e Shahed Publications officially began its work in the year 1989 by publishing books relating to subjects such as self-denial, forgiveness, sacrifice, the history of Islamic Revolution and Iraq’s Imposed War on Iran. This publication has published nearly 1245 titles. […]

Hamidreza Shahabadi, Iranian talented researcher and writer, is educated in history. His main concern is retelling some social incidents of his country contemporary history in the form of story. His first novel (Before the Rain) was published in 1989. He began his profession as a writer by writing stories for children and adolescents. The addresses […]

Rahim Makhdoomi             (1966-Varamin) Rahim Makhdumi is a teacher and writer who was eager to write when he was about the age of adolescence.His first book was released in the year 1989. His writings are inspired by the life and character of Iranian warriors, those in the Iran-Iraq war, in […]

Fariba Kalhor             (1971/Tehran) Fariba Kalhor (1971/Tehran) is well known for Iranian young adults. Her books often enjoy social concepts. She was the editor of the monthly journal of Soroush-i Koudakan for 15 years. She started writing for the adults seriously, in 2001. Kalhor has reworked numerous stories and myths […]

Mozhgan Babamarandi has started writing for children since 1995 focusing mostly on teenagers. She is a well-known figure in Iranian children & teenagers’ literature and her books are published by famous Iranian publishers. Her stories reflect her own childhood. Her books contain ethical and social themes. She is fond of short-story format and this is […]