This remarkable book written by Nahid Abqhari, Iranian well-known author with many books and articles about Rumi ,is based on an approach to the theoretical mysticism tenets and more than thirty years of research and analysis of Mulavi and Ibn Arabi‘s works.
According to the modern society, increasing interest in moral and mystical issues, especially a tendency toward Mulavi’s thoughts, which were able to tie up with various religions and cultures humanely, through an attractive language, and a perfect clear spirit, under the banner of love nation; these series of books are as a precious guidance for fans in understanding the facts contained in Masnavi and discovering Rumi’s ideas.
The proficient writer and researcher of the great series, has accomplished studies in order to prepare the readers’ minds for a better understanding of the context; and has gathered its results in the first volume including, story and allegory definitions, their formation state, their place in literature, Rumi’s life and etc.
Every verse in Masnavi is explained in this series of six books. Moreover, definitions of words, interpretations, the Quran allusions and anecdotes are written with cited references. Also descriptions and theoretical mysticism precise sensibility are mentioned in footnotes of given verses.
These book series are published by Bang-e Ney Publications in 2016. It has already been translated in Pol Translation& Literary Agency for introducing and exposing to international publishing markets on an international level in English. Furthermore, its Persian-language version and also other languages ones will be available on Amazon and other authorized international online books sales sites. Meanwhile, this collection will be introduced to the world literary agencies and the world’s leading presses by Pol Literary Agency at Frankfurt book fair on September 2016.

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