Pol Literary & Translation Agency signed a copyright agreement contract between Anapol Publishing House in Iran and Kotopia Publishing House in Egypt, to translate and publish the book The White Crow in Arabic in Egypt. The book is written by Farideh Jahandideh.

According to this agreement, the book The White Crow will be translated into Arabic in 2021 and published by Kotopia Publishing House in Egypt and will be sold in all Arabic-speaking countries.

Kotopia Publishing House is a reputable publisher in Alexandria, Egypt, which has been working in the field of fiction since 2016.

The copyright of book The White Crow was previously granted to Zengin Publishing House in Turkey. It is the story of a crow named Black Feather that is injured by a hunter on the first day of flight. Black Feather falls on wheat ears in a farm, where a boy named Nick works and he takes Black Feather to the vet. Black Feather wakes up after a few days but realizes that it can no longer fly and return to its mother. Nick advises it to cohabit with other birds such as parrots, canaries, pigeons and chickens.

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