Daughter of Shina




Title: Daughter of Shina

Author: Behnaz Zarrabizadeh

Subject: Non-Fiction (Memory)

Publisher: Soore-ye Mehr Pubs.

Year of Publishing: 2017/16th Edition

No. of Pages: 264/Paperback

Size: 14 × 22

ISBN: 9786001752629

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About the Book:

At the beginning of the story, the narrator’s childhood days are narrated in her village. She was named “Ghadam Kheir” because she brought luckiness, and she was deeply concerned by her parents, Haji Agha and Shirin Jan, and she is more interested in her father than everybody. This interest made her not willing to get married and she was trying to get rid of marriage anyway. But the presence of Samad and his proposal to “Ghadam Kheir” and the mediation of the neighborhood elders suddenly bring this favorite teen girl to a much deeper and wider world than her children’s home. Before marrying Samad (whose original name is “Sattar”), Ghadam Kheir flees, again and again, his look, as if from the very beginning, separation and desolation have been destined in their fate. Samad joined military service. After marrying, he traveled from the village to Tehran for working but returned for a few days. Shortly thereafter, the Revolution of 1979 and the uprising of the people distanced between them. Then the war began and eventually the martyrdom separated them until Ghadam Kheir’s death. As if from the very beginning of her marriage, Ghadam Kheir had gone to her solitude home. In the various parts of the book, we observe her worry and impatience. However, she seems she has accepted her fate, accepted Samad’s absences and bad promises in the critical moments of her life, including the births of her children, although sometimes the life pressure comes out of her bearing, but for the sake of her children, she is resistant and firm and takes her life steering in the stormy ocean of the fate.

The book “Daughter of Shina” is the memories of Ghadam Kheir Muhammadi, the wife of Martyr Sattar Ebrahimi. This book is the story of the love life of a rural girl living in the days of the war, and despite belonging to the literature of resistance and war, it is a work that narrates life with all its hardships and pleasures.

We read in a part of this book:

I went to the kitchen. I turned on the water heater. He came and started telling, “The Iraqis have entered Khorramshahr. Khorramshahr has declined. We have had very martyrs. Abadan is surrounded by Iraqis and is under shots and mortars every day.”

I asked. “Did you eat dinner?”

He said, “No, I have no appetite.”

Some of the lunch had remained. I heated it for him. I spread out the tablecloth and put a bowl of yogurt and a plate of vegetables that the landlord had brought in the evening on the tablecloth, and served the meal for him. It was some Eshkeneh(Iranian meal). When he ate a little, his eyes became red. I asked, “Is it hot?”

He pointed out “No”, and he stopped eating. She put the spoon in the bowl and started crying. I asked worriedly, “What happened? What’s wrong?”

I could not believe Samad was crying. He covered his face with his hands and was weeping.

I said, “You’re killing me! Tell me what happened?”

He said, “How can I eat? The guys are hungry at the border. They are stuck under fire of shots and tanks of the Ba’athists! They don’t even have a gun to fight. They don’t have anything to eat, nowhere to rest! They’re in a bad situation, poor guys!”

About the Author:

Behnaz Zarabizadeh


Behnaz Zarrabizadeh is one of the most talented and active Iranian women writers who have been able to create valuable works, especially in writing diaries about the events of the Iran-Iraq war. Welcomed by Iranian readers and literary circles. In addition to the book’s compilation, Zarrabizadeh has worked closely with the cultural institutions active in the field of sacred defense literature.  So far, more than 250 literary works and stories have been published in periodicals including magazines and other publications, and dozens of titles have been published, among which are the followings:

  • Girl of Shina (Shina’s daughter), Sooreh Mehre
  • The Eleventh Rosary, Sooreh Mehre
  • Haji’s District, Sooreh Mehre
  • Shell Bird (Shell’s chicken), Sooreh Mehre

        -Snowman, O’rooj Publishing House

        – It was Tuesday, Sarir Publishing House

Behnaz Zarrabizadeh has won numerous honors and awards from literary festivals including:

– The first place in the reader’s and adolescent story

– Admired in two rounds of Isfahan Literary Award

-Admired n the ninth and tenth courses of the Holy Defense Writers Festival

– First place in the thirteenth Festival of the book of the year

– First place in the Sixteenth edition of the Book of Holy Defense

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