Friday surrounded by Detectives

Friday surrounded by Detectives


Author: Jafar Ebrahimi

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2015/5th edition

No. of Pages:295

Age Group:14+

Size:”17 × 22

ISBN: 9789644171475

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About the Book:

A boy called Friday is living with his mother in a city called Accidental. Friday decides to find a job to help his mom and encounters a detective called Jijinanak and gets employed as his assistant. But when a detective like Mr. Poirot, Ms. Marple, detective Caster, Sherlock Holmes and Derek, he understands Jijinanak & Miminanak are runaway criminals and decides to attack their hiding place, the Guesthouse of the dead. But they escape and go to another place. The detectives attack the new Jijinanak hi de-out which is a grave in a graveyard and arrest them.

The story contains 13 chapters and in each chapter there are unpredictable events. The climax is at the end which also gives a hint of the title. Here, the passion, fear, and unimaginable events that happen to Friday will fascinate any reader. The author has created a police adventure using simple and charming prose and of course full of secrets which wi II motivate the adventure-seeking and curiosity feeling in every teenager and can be sweet, amusing and exciting for any reader. The language and style of the author is fresh and innovative. The Accidental City, whose name and even monetary unit is the author’s brainchild, using amusing names, and presence of all movie detectives all over the wor1d, puts reality and imagination together and make the story doubly beautiful. The book has been printed by a successful publisher in Iran.

 About the Author:

Jafar Ebrahimi (1951/Ardebil)is poet and story writer for young adults. The categories of his writings vary, covering poetry, stories, rewriting, and biographies. His tender style and poetic outlook appear in his stories too. Some of his works are; Hoopoe’s song (19990,I have come to love(2003),Mystries in the wind(2007) and the bird is my sister(2014).Ebrahim won the Iran’s book of the year award, and some other literary prizes.

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