Full & Half-Length Stories For Children

Full & Half-Length Stories For Children(10 Vols.)

Author: Fariba Kalhor

Illustrator: Team of illustrators

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2009

No. of Pages:1609( 16 each Vol.)

Age Group:8+

Size:”17 × 21

ISBN: 9789645367310

◙  Copyright sold: Iran(Ghadyani Pubs.),Algeria(Al-Beit Pubs.)

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

A turtle wanted to sweep the snow off its shell. Suddenly a giraffe mistakenly kicks it and the snow falls off its shell. Now the turtle must straight its inverted shell but it does not know how to do it! The family of a ghoul (giant) is searching to find a belt for ghoul’s son panties. Finally, the mom ghoul gave her son a train which was passing the mountain to tie it on his panties. Now, it has been years that a train is tied around the waistline of ghoul’s son to hold his panties from falling. The story of an alligator that hunts do.vn a little girt, a frog and a sparrow and eats them. The little girl makes the alligator yawn and when It opened its mouth; all of them get out and run.  And the story of meatballs that got lost and then it was clear that the bowl had eaten them.  Adventure of Sarah’s birthday cake candles that were glowing fireflies.

There are 70 short fantasy stories for school children collected in 10 independent volumes. The author is a major Iranian writer or children/ teenager stories who have achieved great success and the books are published by a successful Iranian publisher. A team of illustrators have ornamented the book who has worked with differentstytes and ambience and this adds to the beauty of the tales. The titles are selected smartly and make the child curious about the content. Since the books are for school age-group, the prose is simple and the literature is eloquent to help the child understand  the stories better. The author makes use of her imagination and creates cute and interesting adventures and sometimes the meaning is delegated to the pictures and the relation between images and the text present a new outlook to the child. A childish naughtiness prevails and the author has been successful in transferring it to the reader. Every story describes a wish or childish thought within a funny or cute setting. The book includes nice, delightful and fresh stories.

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