Hassani Stories

Hassani Stories (6 vols )

Author: Group of authors

Illustrator: Kazem tallaii

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2016/15 Edition

No. of Pages:64each Vol)

Age Group:14+

Size:”30 × 22

ISBN: 9786002510273

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Hassani was a lazy child and did not like school. He was afraid of Mollabashi who was an angry old man and taught in school. He had a long stick and punished the children with it The only thing that could pull Hassani out of school was the voice of Geda’ali who was an old man and used to recite poetry and tell stories and the children gathered around him. One day Hassani asked Geda’ali about how he had learnt so much poetry and stories. He answered that at the time when he went to school; he had become literate and thereafter had read many books and remembered poetry and stories. Hassani did not think Geda’ali could have gone to school so he decided to attend the classes and become literate.

The 12volumes collection contains 72 stories and 3 great Iranian writers have contributed in it .These are short stories taken from ethical ideas. Hassani is a famous character in Iranian stories and the children learn his stories since the beginning of childhood and look for new events happening to Hassani. The sentences are flowing and instructive. The stories are selected according to the aim of  the story. The stories are in 2 groups: either taken from Iranian fables and proverbs or ordinary tales. Each one has an instructive element. Many  Hassani stories are taken from Old Persian stories. The Hassani book is a collection of Iranian culture and literature that are transferred to the reader as nice and delicate stories and of course they are readable and interesting for the children of the world. This book depicts a special imagery. The illustrations are few but attractive and relevant. The illustrations are monochrome which imparts a special beauty to the book. The book has reached 13th edition and this means unprecedented popularity in Iran. The book has been introduced as the proper book at  the end of 1st and 2nd grade elementary school Farsi textbook in Iran. It has won the award of best context illustration and cover art for children & teenagers in 6 festivals in 1997.

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