How is our God

How is our God?

Author: Seyyed Muhammad Mohajerani

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2015/First edition/Paperback

Subject: Short Stories

No. pages:  320(each Vol. 16)

Age group: 8+


ISBN: 9786002518347

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Grand ma lay on her bed. I was reading from my story book to her with a loud voice. When it was over she remarked:

-“It finished too fast. Read me another one.”Grandma, I said,” I am tired. It’s your turn now.”

She said: An old man lived with his wife in a green village. They owned a large garden filled with roses. They wished they could give roses as gifts to all the children around the world and….” I was listening to her. Then I looked and saw she had fallen asleep. The story was unfinished.

There are some questions children ask and adults and grownups do not know how to answer to them. One of these question is about God. The collection of short stories titled “How is God?” is intended not only to familiarize children with qualities of God through short stories which are tangible understandable examples, but also encourages them to think about God and the universe (this world). The simplified story books are illustrated in color/have colorful illustration, so that the children will enjoy it. This collection is published in 20 volumes each of which includes six short attractive stories about God and his qualities, while narrating the incident happening in the sequence around the children for each story beautiful illustrations and images have been drawn by some twenty qualified Iranian artists to help the children better understand the subject matter and the message that the stories carry. The children reading this collection and its unique collection of books will find answers to countless questions about God.

Topics of each of the volumes are as follows:1.He is not forgetful,2.He never gets tired,3.He understands what the animals say ,4. Everybody calls him, 5.He helps everybody, 6. He is able to do anything, 7.He is omnipotent, 8.He knows everything,9. He never runs out of gifts .10. He is with us, everywhere we go, 11. He loves beauty, 12. He makes little people adults , 13. He, has created diversified Worlds, 14. Whatever we have is from him, 15. He’s guiding everybody, 16. He works in an exact way, 17. He never leaves us alone, 18. He has a house everywhere, 19. He hears everybody, he listens to everybody,20. What a huge table cloth he has!

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