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Navid-e Shahed Publication House


Navid-e Shahed Publications officially began its work in the year 1989 by publishing books relating to subjects such as self-denial, forgiveness, sacrifice, the history of Islamic Revolution and Iraq’s Imposed War on Iran. This publication has published nearly 1245 titles. Some of the published books have been welcomed by the audience and have been reprinted several times.

Most of the books of Shahed Publications are published in the field of Humanistic-Islamic literature and for the children, adolescents, young adults and adults’ age groups in the format of the documentary, research documentary, biography, memoir, story, fictional biography, novel, research, and poetry.

Shahed Publications, in order to develop and expand highly valued Humanistic-Islamic concepts such as forgiveness and sacrifice and the expansion of altruism and peace in the world, has focused on translating and publishing books in various languages ​​the in recent years.

The professional presence at the international book fairs in recent years has provided a platform for the implementation of these goals. So far, with the participation of publishing organizations abroad, 47 titles that were already published by this publication institute have been translated into foreign languages ​​and made available in the countries of destination.

Shahed Publications, during its many years of activity in various departments and due to the quantitative and qualitative enhancement of the works and the focus on technical and book layout principles as well as its activities in the field of book translation has earned a number of prizes at the national and international levels. 125 book titles by this publication institute have been acknowledged or appreciated at various festivals in Iran. Moreover, among all publishers of Iran’s culture, it has been selected as the exemplary or distinguished publisher for nearly a decade.

Some of Bestsellers titles of the Navid-e Shahed Publication House:

The Wristwatch

The One Who Never Gets Lost

A Palm Tree for You

The Earth’s Sun

Rain in Paradise

The Mercenary Brothers

Jassim Rambo

Shemr and Saddam and His Followers

Maradona in the Enemy’s Trench

The Army Commander’s Son-in-Law

Behnam’s Story

Maryam’s Story

It is Almost 5 O’clock in the Afternoon

Glin, the Bride in Red


Sarrizone (overflowing)

Three Portrayals of a Man

I Ran to Keep Pace with You

The Day, at 8:00 p.m

The Little Immigrant

The White Flight

The Red Paveh

A Teacher on the Run

Who will Take the Trigger?

The Wailing of Reed Beds

Forced Medical Practice

Long Leg Boots

Haji Hadi Unit

The Secret of the Pine Tree

Souvenir of Karbala


A Gale from the Desert

The Eagle’s Memorial

It was neither Day nor Night

– Phoenix, the Conqueror

Look at Those Eyes

– I Had Dreamed

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