Representing the publishing industry of our country, Iran’s Book and Literature ‎House attended the 13th Vienna International Book Fair. ‎

Vienna International Book Fair (Buch Wien) mainly presents Austrian authors and their books, but also international authors are represented by their purchasers.

Iran’s stand at the fair was located in an area of 18 square meters where over 100 titles of selected books on a variety of subjects such as Religion, the Sacred Defense (The Iran–Iraq War), Persian literature, children and young adults literature, Iranology, and arts were displayed.

Among the other measures taken by Iran’s Book and Literature House introduced the Grant Program as well as the Top Program of Iran’s Culture Ministry aimed to promote the translation and publication of Persian books into other languages.

Moreover, Iran’s stand provided information about Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) and Tehran Virtual Book Fair (TVBF), introduces Iranian authors and publishers as well as Iran’s Book and Literature House in brochures and catalogs.

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