Kelileh and Demneh’s illustrated Stories

Kelileh and Demneh’s illustrated Stories

Author: Mojghan Sheikhi

Illustrator: Farhad Jamshidi

Publisher: Ghadyani

Years of Publishing:2000

No. of Pages:12(each Vol)

Age Group:8+

Size:”16× 15

ISBN: 9789645368584

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

A lion who was living in a jungle considered itself the king. He used to attack the animals, hunt them down and eat them every day. One day the jungle animals suggested to the lion that if it promised not to attack them, they would bring an animal everyday for it to eat. The lion accepted. Thereafter each day one of the animals was selected and they took it to the lion and the lion ate it. Until it was the black­ tailed rabbit’s turn. It devised a plan to get rid of  the king of jungle. The rabbit took the lion that there was another lion claiming the position of the king of jungle. The Ii on was so angry that it asked the rabbit to take it to that lion. The rabbit took the lion near a well and said that the other lion was in the well. The lion saw its reflection in the wall’s water and entered into the well to take revenge and struggled so much until drowned. Since then the jungle’s animals lived in peace.

Kelileh & Demneh is an instructive book wherein many stories are narrated by animals. The title is taken from the name of 2 jackals Kelileh & Demneh and a big part of the book is dedicated to them. This book is famous around the world and has been translated into many languages. These are a collection of ethical stories narrated by animals. Kelileh & Demneh . The illustrate version is divided into 10 volumes and each volume contains one story which is narrated by the author. The stories cover various subjects and are fresh for non-Iranian children The collection is in line with children’s thoughts and imaginations all over the wor1d. The animal kingdom in any social context, ideology and in short in any type of family training is a defined subject that is always interesting and nice for the child.  Intellectual assistance, consultation and asking for help are elements that must be taught to the child anywhere around the globe for their positive impact on child’s growth.

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