Leave the Kiss for Later

Leave the Kiss for Later

Author: Shahram Shafi’i

Publisher: Ghadyani Pubs.

Year of publishing: 2014/third edition/Paperback

Subject: Novel

No. pages:  40

Age group: 14+


ISBN: 978964178772

Sample English text is available.

About the Book:

Pashneh Tala was singing in his room. Dad was sitting in the hallway arguing with mother saying: “We haven’t been doing anything to foster our child’s intelligence and talent during his childhood”. The telecom bell was ringing. A young girl was crying at the other end of the telecom cable/wiring, who called herself a beggar and solicited assistance. Dad pushed the door-opener’s button and the girl came up. She was a beautiful girl with green eyes in expensive clothes. Dad told her, she had the wrong address, but (ignoring him) she sat down on the couch, anyway. After a while, a gunshot was heard. Pashneh Tala ran and hid. Dad and mother sought to find out where the sound came from. Then the girl pulled off a gun from her purse/handbag and said that she was a burglar who had come to mug them. Everybody was trembling out of fear. Dad fills a bag with gold and jewels and delivers the bag to the girl.

This book is the second volume of the Pashneh Tala (Golden Heel) Stories collection, which is a comedy and contains an interesting storyline taking place in a family. The author, with a few funny narratives in this family, provides fun times for the reader of the book. This book was chosen as the funniest book of the year in the year 2009.

Excerpts of the book:

… The beggar, who had already reached behind our apartment door, knocked three times on our door with her big gold ring. Dad opened the door for her. There stood a young and beautiful woman with green eyes in expensive clothes.

“Hello, dear lady. I think you are here by mistake. My wife, my little boy and I are waiting for a dear beggar. Who are you looking for? “The girl’s right eye grew smaller. She said to herself, “A little boy. Very well. I should use plan number 37a.”

Then she touched the gun in her handbag with one hand and pressed a tissue to her small nose with the other hand. Then she said, “Oh, the beggar who you are waiting for is me!”

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