Madism or Islamic Messianism

Madism or Islamic Messianism   

Author: Behrooz Mohammadi

Translator: Blake Archer Wilson

Publisher: Asar-e Sabz Publications/Iran

Date of Publishing: 2016

No. of Pages: 104

Size: 19×9.5


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About the Book:

Today’s younger generation is looking for the means by which to add breadth and depth to their religious teachings and beliefs in order to attain to a well rounded and comprehensive outlook with respect to the intellectual, cultural and social issues of the day. The mind of today’s generation thus seeks out various sources of information, and yet its thirst for knowledge pushes it onward to greater depths of understanding, so that it can ultimately organize its intellectual geometry by means of the original and authentic source materials. On the basis of the revealed teachings of scripture, the idea of Mahdism (or Islamic Messianism) is a universal worldview based on an optimistic outlook concerning the future of humanity which is free of reactionary and ignorant aspirations and of thoughts of personal or national biases. The basic pillars of the idea of Mahdism can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Optimism concerning the felicitous livelihood of humanity and its accession to its final state of perfection.
  2. Belief in the sovereignty and ultimate rule of reason and its ascendancy over violence and the reign of base and carnal desires.
  3. Belief in the ultimate victory of the righteous and God-fearing over tyrants and the corrupt.
  4. Belief in the ultimate defeat of mass deceptions and of duplicity and deceit.

It is the intention of this book to discuss the subject of Mahdism (i.e. Islamic Messianism) and to provide an exposition for all of the truth of the idea of Mahdism with reliance on the writings and thought of Allāme Mortaḍā Motahharī. And while Allāme Motahharī has not addressed the subject of Mahdism specifically as such (i.e. he has not dedicated an independent treatise to the subject in its own right), we have nonetheless striven to glean his thoughts on the subject from among the vast corpus of his writings in which incidental references to the subject have been made, and to come up with a systematic treatment based on his thoughts on the subject

About the Author:  

Behrooz Mohammadi Monfared(1973/Iran)

Behrouz Mohammadi is an Iranian writer and scholar in Islamic subjects that has researched many of the books and sources and he has taught in introducing and explaining the principles of Islam and Shiism, especially the issue of Mahdism. Furthermore, he teaches at universities and is a member of the faculty board at the University of Tehran. Among his famous works are:

1- The Strategy of Intizar in Shiism

2-The Correction and bibliography of the Book of Seyed Tavoos

      3- Orientalism and originality of Mahdiism

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